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Universal Pictures’ “Happy Death Day” Official Trailer

Having promised to serve up additional content when it comes to “On Screen” category, and most specifically for the Horror genre, I was not sure what to make of this latest trailer. It actually hit a couple of weeks ago but that is alright since the film itself doesn’t open until October and we’ve quite a bit of time to go before that is our month. This little bit of spooky weirdness is called “Happy Death Day”

Plot: Tree Gelbman must relive the same day over and over again on her birthday to figure out who’s trying to kill her and why.

The Cast/Characters:
Jessica Rothe as Tree Gelbman
Israel Broussard as Carter Davis
Ruby Modine as Lori
Annika Harris as Jodie
Rachel Matthews as Danielle
Charles Aitken as Gregory

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I have to admit this one looks entertaining for sure. Kind of like a creepier version of what transpired in “Groundhog Day” where the main character is living the day over and over and over again in hopes of changing the outcome. Of course for our heroine the outcome is a lot more dire and definitely needs some fixing. I’d watch this one but not in the theaters and its not because of my fear of the dark (sorry, I couldn’t resist a little Iron Maiden joke in there), its just that it will be immediately post NY Comic Con and I know how busy that convention leaves me. I will add this release to the events calendar to remind everyone and depending on my creative workload will aim at getting a regular reminder post up. What did you think of this trailer? Looks kind of weird and fun right? With a spooky sense of course. Let me know down in the comments section. See u next time.

Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Death_Day

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