Ulver Addresses Overwhelming Demand with a 2nd Performance In NYC for 2019

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It was only a few short days ago that the Norwegian musical collective known as Ulver announced their first-ever USA visit with a one night only gig at the famed Irving Plaza (discussed HERE). So the performance sold out in a matter of hours and remember this isn’t even happening until next March!!! How wild is that? In order to satisfy the demand and not leave their fans out in the cold, a second night was just recently announced and the poster modified slightly.

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About The Band: Ulver (Norwegian for wolves) are a Norwegian experimental musical collective founded in 1993, by vocalist Kristoffer Rygg. Their early works, such as debut album Bergtatt, were categorised as folklore-influenced black metal, but the band has since evolved a fluid and increasingly eclectic musical style, blending genres such as rock, electronica, symphonic and chamber traditions, noise, progressive and experimental music into their oeuvre. 1997 marked their international debut with the release of their third album Nattens madrigal through German label Century Media. However, following discord with the label, Kristoffer Rygg formed his own imprint, Jester Records, in 1998. British composer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel O’Sullivan joined the collective in 2009, and the band performed some of their first live concerts in their 15-year lifespan, including the prestigious Norwegian National Opera. (c/o Wikipedia).

Current Members: Kristoffer Rygg (vocals, additional programming), Tore Ylwizaker (programming, keyboards), Jørn H. Sværen (miscellaneous).

Supporting Members: Lars Pedersen (drums, percussion), Ole Aleksander Halstensgård (electronics), Pamelia Kurstin (theremin), Anders Møller (drums), Daniel O’Sullivan (guitar, bass, keyboards).

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Since I felt that I said all that I needed to about this appearance I will just repeat how I closed the other post. I hope you don’t mind. I’ve often said that its never too late to get into a band and I imagine that applies 100% when it comes to something like Ulver which changes their game as time progresses and still manages to maintain an ardent fanbase. I say it like this because let’s face it. Sometimes people give up on their favorite band based on a ballad or a commercially viable number being added to their catalog. I am sure that this special one night only performance will sell out and I will do my best to be a part of the mix to offer up some kind of story for you readers in close and faraway lands who will find it of interest. Since I am still way behind on their sound, please educate me in the reasons why this group is of such interest to you. It helps me see what I’ve been missing a little better. Thanks for reading, see you next time.

Official Links:
Homepage: http://www.jester-records.com/ulver/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ulverofficial/
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulver

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