TV’s “Green Hornet”; Van Williams Has Died (1934-2016)

The PiercingMetal Command HQ was saddened to learn of the passing of actor Van Williams earlier today. Mr. Williams is most famously known across geekdom as being the one and only Green Hornet from the short-lived television series back in 1966-67. He was 82 years old and while I didn’t follow much of his career after seeing him do this role as a young child, he is timeless to this writer and finds me raising a glass in his honor.


“The Green Hornet” television show was launched as a result of the success of the classic “Batman” series but unlike the campy show that so many of us know and still love, TGH was a straight up crime drama show but with a superhero element to it. Newbies to the mythology might not realize that the Hornet was playing the role of a crime boss who would “take over” the competition by letting them get arrested time and time again. He would always manage to elude capture with his man at arms, Kato (played by the late great Bruce Lee). Sadly this show has never been properly released in any official format. I know I have a copy of four episodes care of a company called Cheesy Flicks or something of that nature but no comprehensive full series run. It’s about time for this ABC so let’s get on it.


Williams starred in several other programs which were not on my viewing radar based on my age but all of that can be learned about in his official Wikipedia entry that I have linked for you below. Goodnight Mr. Williams, thank you for giving me memories that have remained for many, many years. May you Rest In Peace. Say hello to Bruce Lee for us all. It seems that The Green Hornet and Kato are together once again.

Official Wiki Entry:
Official Show Wiki:

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