“True Self” by Soil

Artist: Soil
Title: “True Self”
Label: DRT Entertainment
Release Date: 5/2/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 8/10

Soil’s new album comes with a sufficient amount of well-deserved buzz for the Chicago based Hard Rock group. Joining the ranks of DRT Entertainment, a more Rock based label allowed the band to focus on a more edgier and grittier level of song structure and the results on “True Self” will appeal to fans of bands like Staind, Seether, and Mudvayne. The wide variety of styles that I felt as I listened made me come up with that composite for while there is some excellent melody happening, there are times when the heaviness of the tracks will just pummel you. Perhaps a lot of this new sound for the group is due to singer A.J. Cavalier who brings a dynamic presence to the role he fills in the band. The guitar work of Shaun Glass is also on the money and while this is my first exposure to the group I can imagine that this will be some excellent stuff to see in the live setting. Songs like “True Self”, “Hear Me” and “Let Go” can definitely find themselves on stations catering to powerful Rock music and now with the popularity of Satellite radio it seems as though every band has a chance to get a larger audience. A.J. possesses a good voice, and at times does the growling thing which has become a standard in Hard Rock and Metal these days. I have to admit that I prefer when he opts for the more melodic aspect that he also has at his disposal. It separates the band from many others and in music today that is always a direction one wants to go in. There are some other stand out numbers on the album such as “One Last Song” and the quasi Alice In Chains inspired “Until It’s Over”.

The band is rounded out by Adam Zadel, Tim King and Tom Schofeld. The album also offers a guest appearance of Burton Bell of the one and only Fear Factory during “Forever Dead”. The album will appeal to a lot of folks and it took me only a couple of listens to find some repeat tracks for the changer and MP3 device to bring along to work with me. Find your own true self down in the Soil; you will not be sorry about it.

Track Listing:
1. Fight For Life
2. Give It Up
3. Pick Me Up
4. The Last Chance
5. True Self
6. Hear Me
7. Forever Dead
8. Let Go
9. Until It’s Over
10. Jaded
11. Threw It Away
12. One Last Song

Official Web site: http://www.soil-music.com/

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