Trivium @ Best Buy Theater (9/27/2013)

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Artist: Trivium
Venue: Best Buy Theater (New York, NY)
Opener: Devildriver & After The Burial
Date: 9/27/2013
Label: Roadrunner Records

I was happy to hear that Trivium would be doing a co-headlining tour with Devildriver because those two bands have always seemed to be “the right choice” for such an entertainment prospect on the same stage in my humble opinion. Let’s add to this the quality Metal that comes from the still growing in popularity bands like Sylosis and After The Burial who would be getting everyone geared up with their lead off sets. When you put all of this into one place it’s clear that the fans are getting the maximum value for their entertainment dollar and that from beginning to end you have a “no filler” sort of night. I say it like this because there have been far too many shows that left me scratching my head based on a particular “X” or “Y” band being on the roster. Not here folks, this was a leave your valuables with a friend because you were heading into the mosh pit sort of night. Sadly the four band bill was not to happen as only a couple of days before the gig got to the Big Apple, the RV that was taking Sylosis around was involved in an accident that left the guys pretty banged up. They would drop off the tour and that sucked because now money was being lost and no band needs that to happen. After The Burial would now start things up and I was unsure whether or not the two headliners would take longer sets based on the slot left open by Sylosis; I would not get myself inside the Best Buy Theater in time to properly enjoy ATB but I am sure that they will be back again based on their continually getting on solid tours. My night would effectively begin with Devildriver who I had seen a number of times over the years.

Devildriver: With the band doing a co-headlining appearance there would be a more grandiose stage setting for when Devildriver took to the boards and if there is one thing that I have observed singer Dez Farfara being good at, it is working a sizable stage. I actually caught Dez at this very same venue not too long ago with a reinstated Coal Chamber. So there were a couple of things interesting about their set this evening and the band in general and the first thing to know is that they were in support of the now one month old new album “Winter Kills” and the second is that this would be the first release delivered to their fans since leaving Roadrunner Records. They are now signed to Napalm Records and this did surprise me since the label was most commonly associated with the Folk Metal and Viking Metal acts that we enjoy so much over here at PiercingMetal HQ. They would hit the ground running with “Ruthless” from the new release and as soon as it started its groove the place erupted. There set composition was an interesting one as they returned to their debut album with their second number in “I Could Care Less” only to follow it with “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” from 2007’s “Pray For Villains”. Whew. Three songs in and these guys were already taking the energy from me based on their solid delivery. Through it all Dez was commanding that the audience bring that circle pit to life and over the many years that I have attended their shows they really seem to know how to bring you to the fore with this command. From the new album we would get a total of three numbers, and these included one of my own favorites “Oath Of The Abyss” and their cover of an Electronic band called Awolnation. Obviously their own take on the tune would be different from its original. From a safer that the general floor area I watched the circle pit ebb and flow to a boiling point and this visual only fueled the fire in Dez’s mind to keep it going until their set was complete. As they drew to a close they would return to older material closing up with “End Of The Line” and “Meet The Wretched”. All in all a very powerful and driving set and another audience left satisfied with the presentation. Now it was time for a short changeover and then some Trivium. Tick, tock.

Trivium: I’ve always enjoyed a lot of what Trivium does and while some of my Metal friends like to tease me about that since it’s not as “Extreme Heavy” as their own preferences, I let them get their jabs in because to each their own when it comes to Metal appreciation. What I like about them the most is their ability to keep some solid Metal flowing in the veins of their fans and especially when it comes to the live stage where they seem to feed off their audience’s energy. I first saw them when I was hitting an Iced Earth show out at Starland Ballroom and while a new and young band at the time, they were pushing it forward and visibly seemed to be interested in giving you the best possible set that they could. One has to admit that this is admirable. If you don’t think so, well I don’t know what to tell you. Their new album is called “Vengeance Falls” and it would not be coming out for a few more weeks after this shows date and since I peeked at the set list being performed online I knew that only a couple of the tunes this evening would be from the album. After some dramatic intros the band hit the stage opening up with “Throes Of Perdition” from their 2008 release “Shogun”. A second would come from that album before they went further back to “The Crusade” for “Become The Dragon” and it was easy to see how the band would also be delivering a career encompassing set this evening and touching on almost all of their past works. Nothing would come from the band’s debut “From Ember To Inferno” this evening but I watched as the audience didn’t seem to mind. Heafy was very commanding as well, and since he is not only playing guitar but singing he is locked into place more than Dez was in Devildriver so he was getting a great visual of the chaos that was going on in front of him. The audience was pretty wild tonight and honestly perhaps just a bit too much because I felt that some of the crowd surfing was ruining the experience for the ones way up front. If you are surfing don’t flail about and kick people who you are on top of, that is just not right. Okay, soapbox moment over.

trivium, trivium live photos,
Trivium in Concert by Ken Pierce (2013)

Heafy made mention about the guys in Sylosis being injured and how their merchandise sales would be really helpful during this time and I was pretty sure that I heard someone say that the supply was depleted completely with our show. Way to go NYC  The guys were tight and the energy remained high from beginning to end. Of course there were too many reds during the beginning which messed up the photographer’s time that I get at these things but I’m not really complaining since I was having a great time with the whole presentation. Nick Augusto has really proven to fit in with the band well and I was a big fan of what Travis Smith brought to the table. Augusto also uses a much smaller kit but when you play in a band you know the tools that you need to get the proper job done the best and this works out well for him. After the set had completed I polled some of the fans that remained around in hopes to secure the set list or some guitar picks about the experience and one young lady said that this was probably one of the most complete set lists that she had ever experienced from the band. She had continued in saying how she had seen the band a number of times over the years. That is always nice to hear because there are times when I have watched bands and said to myself “now why on earth are they playing these songs tonight”. I admit that I am not too keen on these “full album” presentations that keep happening because if I want a full album I will listen at home. I go to a show to hear the wide variety of the best of each release or the deep cuts that I hold personally. Kudos to Trivium and Devildriver for doing a bang up job this evening.

trivium, trivium live photos,
Trivium in Concert by Ken Pierce (2013)

So that being said this was a solid show and one that everyone seemed to leave exhausted from. I’m not too sure where it heads next and I apologize. I am sure that a good number of dates remain as this run only started on 9/12/13. Get yourself a ticket if it’s headed your way, I think you will like it. I’d say to the NYC fans to enjoy a restful weekend but with both Volbeat and HIM performing at Williamsburg Park I would say that rest is far from the agenda. Stay tuned for words and images from that show.

Full Trivium Photo Gallery:

Devildriver Set List:
1. Ruthless
2. I Could Care Less
3. Not All Who Wander Are Lost
4. Before the Hangman’s Noose
5. Oath of the Abyss
6. The Appetite
7. Hold Back the Day
8. Sail @Cover[77b29df2-056e-409e-a1b2-5e2bbfe421c4]
9. Head on to Heartache (Let Them Rot)
10. Dead to Rights
11. Clouds Over California
12. End of the Line
13. Meet the Wretched

Trivium Set List:
1. Throes of Perdition
2. Down from the Sky
3. Becoming the Dragon
4. Brave This Storm
5. Watch the World Burn
6. Strife
7. A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
8. Kirisute Gomen
9. Shogun
10. In Waves
11. Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

The marquee for the show made sure to showcase both Trivium and Devildriver with some level of prominence since this was considered more of a co-headlining tour. That said I made sure to let you all enjoy the visuals.





It’s time to hit the merchandise tables and see what is going on over there. Obviously all three bands had some killer stuff for sale. I don’t think I have to caption the stuff for you do I? It seems pretty clear on who had what for sale 🙂








For those who are thinking that this price for the VIP Meet and Greet is a little steep, let me tell that to meet both bands and walk away with a shirt from each and photos and some other item, that is a steal. I recently watched people meet Bret Michaels for a hot second and take a snap with their own phones or point and shoot cameras for $200. Remember that this is in addition to the ticket price so this was really reasonable. My two cents.


Since I didn’t post them in the main photo galleries, let’s get a quick glimpse at the dramatic stage setups for each of the co-headliners. I’ll start with Devildriver since they would be the first of the two to perform and follow with some from Trivium.







I’ll close this part of the show report up with a glimpse of the typical Devildriver circle pit. This was nothing compared to what I have seen in the past, trust me.

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