“Too Hot To Handle (1969-1993)” by UFO

Artist: U-F-O
Title: “Too Hot To Handle (1969-1993)”
Label: Music Video Distributors
Release Date: 12/6/2005
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 8/10

There are not many people who would argue with you when you discuss the legendary status of the British band U-F-O. For many years the group has been cited as being very much the inspiration to the careers of groups like Iron Maiden and Def Leppard and as you look upon their back catalog this reason comes to you very clearly. The early lineup of the group that featured Phil Mogg, Pete Way, Andy Parker and Michael Schenker is revered to this very day as being forefathers in Hard Rock music. Songs like “Lights Out”, “Too Hot To Handle” and “Rock Bottom” still sound as fresh today as they did when they were first introduced. When you look at how many bands have fallen by the wayside while U-F-O still carries on you understand better when you listen to the quality of these particular tracks. Today in 2005 we find a different lineup in the band which is still helmed by Mogg and Way for the most part but this DVD focuses on the earlier years and features the one and only Axeman Michael Schenker. That alone will appeal to the staunch supporter of this group. The DVD is a direct transfer of the video film originally on VHS that was released in 2001.

Fans of the classic line-up will take to this DVD immediately and as a matter of fact it is nice to own alongside the recently released “Showtime”. That release shows U-F-O as they are today with the newer members and offers you a great interview segment which refers to a lot of the stuff that you will see on this DVD. When I looked at the two of them in sequence it was impressive because you get to see just how exciting the group was in the heyday. The live concert footage is very basic in its design but that is because this type of thing was not yet commonplace and believe me the playing level is easily enjoyed in those clips. The concert segments are surrounded by interview footage from the same time and in most cases and it is Phil Mogg and Pete Way who do the talking. There is also commentary from other members including Schenker but what will appeal to most fans is this archival live footage. I don’t think a collection as thorough as this has ever been released from this time in the bands existence and it is nice to have such an assortment of classic numbers as this DVD allots. There are also some comments from Iron Maidens Steve Harris and Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott and this offers a good insight to the impact that the band had on this level of performer.

I can safely recommend this DVD as a must have for new and old fans as while its appeal might be larger in the core fan base there is also a little bit of an education factor for the new fan. This is based on the way it presents the legacy footage and commentary for a viewer who has limited scope on the group’s impact will be able to appreciate them more as a result of watching this DVD. Check it out.

Track Listing:
1. This Kids
2. Out In The Street
3. Shoot Shoot
4. Come On Everybody
5. Love To Love
6. Doctor Doctor
7. Lettin’ Go
8. Mystery Train
9. Lights Out
10. Too Hot To Handle
11. Rock Bottom
12. Let It Roll
13. The Coming Of Prince Kujuku
14. Borderline
15. Running Up The Highway
16. Backdoor Man
17. This Kids

Official Website: www.UFO-music.info

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