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Tonight: “The Orville” Season 2 Premiere on FOX (12/30/2018)

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Back in September, I shared the trailer for the second season of “The Orville” that was shown at the few months prior SDCC. If you missed that for some reason since we do post quite often these days, you might want to click HERE. Tonight the series returns for its second season and will send us into 2019 with some high-flying Science Fiction adventure. Let’s look at the poster, premise and casting once more.

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Premise: The Orville is set on the titular U.S.S. Orville (ECV-197), a mid-level exploratory space vessel in the Planetary Union, a 25th-century interstellar alliance of Earth and many other planets.

The Cast and Characters:
Seth MacFarlane as Captain Ed Mercer
Adrianne Palicki as Commander Kelly Grayson
Penny Johnson Jerald as Doctor Claire Finn
Scott Grimes as Lieutenant Gordon Malloy
Peter Macon as Lieutenant Commander Bortus
Halston Sage as Lieutenant Alara Kitan
J. Lee as Lieutenant (later Lieutenant Commander) John LaMarr
Mark Jackson as Isaac
Jessica Szohr as Talla Keyali
Victor Garber as Admiral Halsey
Chad Coleman as Klyden
Norm Macdonald as the voice of Lieutenant Yaphit
Larry Joe Campbell as Lieutenant Commander
BJ Tanner as Marcus Finn
Kai Wener as Ty Finn
Gavin Lee as Nurse Park
Mike Henry as Dann
Rachael MacFarlane as the voice of the Orville computer
Ron Canada as Admiral Tucker
Kelly Hu as Admiral Ozawa
Chris Johnson as Cassius

PiercingMetal Thoughts: In my post about the second season trailer, I mentioned that I’ve not watched more than two episodes of the show and I didn’t hate it, I just never got around to keeping up with it. I might record this season and see if I can pick up the other episodes online somewhere. I am hopeful that Fox has a good enough On Demand setup that the entire season can be revisited. That’s all I have for now, as I get ready to close out another very productive year in music and geek narratives. There is so much on my planning table for you readers next year and I think you are going to love it. Closing up, I wonder if you will be tuning in or just programming the DVR to see them at a later time. Chime in down below because it shows us that you are out there.

Official Series Wiki:

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