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Tonight: “Siren” on Freeform Network (3/29/2018)

Way back in April of last year, I showcased the first official trailer for the upcoming Freeform series “Siren”. Click HERE if you didn’t see it or don’t remember seeing it so you are more up to speed with us. That show airs tonight on this relatively new network so check your listings for when its on or being repeated so you can check it out. I’ve repeated the casting and premise below this dramatic poster as well.

The Plot: The coastal town of Bristol Cove, known for its legend of once being home to mermaids, is turned upside down when a mysterious girl (Eline Powell) appears and begins wreaking havoc upon the small fishing town. Marine biologists Ben (Alex Roe) and Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola) work together to find out who and what drove this primal hunter of the deep sea to land, and are there more like her out there?

The Cast/Characters:
Eline Powell as Ryn
Alex Roe as Ben
Ian Verdun as Xander
Rena Owen as Helen
Fola Evans-Akingbola as Maddie
Sibongile Mlambo as Donna
Chad Rook as Chris Mueller
Aylya Marzolf as Katrina
Sedale Threatt Jr. as Levi

PiercingMetal Thoughts: At the time of this writing, my DVR has reached 98% full and that means for the time being I will not be recording “Siren” as it airs. Turns out I do get the Freeform Network as a part of my cable package but I didn’t know that back when I discussed the trailer. Fortunately there is also the On Demand process to count on and I will assume that there is an app to add to my mobile devices as well. I know that The CW Network has one so why not this. What about you readers? Are you giving “Siren” a chance? I guess you should if you are a fan of mermaids and all. See you next time.

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Official Series Wiki:

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