Tonight: “DC Legends Of Tomorrow” & “The Dawn Of The Justice League” Specials

I realize that there have been a lot of television and film posts over these last few days but that is going to be the case with so many of these heroic shows that we love having special episodes and premieres. Now I’ve already suggested that you needed to set the DVR for ABC’s offerings today and just for good measure you should do the same over on The CW Network that will be airing two specials tonight as well. The first is related to their upcoming show “DC Legends Of Tomorrow” AND then there is an inside look at what we should expect in “The Justice League” and how that is being built up in the coming soon film “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice”. Check out the poster I snagged from Facebook and some premise.

Photo - DC Specials on CWN

“Watch the two DC Specials TONIGHT starting at 9/8c on The CW and see the world premiere of the new Suicide Squad trailer. First, meet the heroes and villains that become DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on a behind-the-scenes special, then get an exclusive sneak peek at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, #WonderWoman, and #SuicideSquad on DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League.”

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ve been behind all of the DC Comics live action series for a few years now and while I initially had some reservations about the “Legends Of Tomorrow” show, it does seem to have some promise as they’ve recently revealed that we shall even see Jonah Hex on the show at some point. Not a bad thing at all if they are using the time travel to let us meet other heroes as they adventure into history. As far as the “BvSDOJ” film I am still very much on the fence about it. When I last saw a report about this film, they said how Doomsday was not going to be the biggest threat to its heroes as many might have surmised and all I can take from that is that we will also be getting Darkseid in this film. Whew, that is just too damn much for me in a film that is supposed to be the first proper building block to such a team. Too rushed and too visibly trying to catch up to Marvel Studios even though they maintain that they are not. What do you readers think? Let me know in the comments but after you program the televisions of course.

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