Tokyo Dragons @ The Continental (11/15/2005): Escapi Music Showcase

Logo - Tokyo Dragons

Artist: Tokyo Dragons
Venue: The Continental (New York, NY)
Opener: Dirty Rig, Mahavatar, Wet Animal
Date: 11/15/2005
Label: Escapi Music

Escapi Music has really been releasing a lot of great music over the past year and those who are watching them will find everything from Heavy Metal (in all its Black, Power and Traditional forms) as well as some gritty Rock & Rollers and Gothic themed outfits. The diversity and difference in many of these artists will totally appeal to the discerning music fan and I myself have found some stand out artists represented. Tonight at a small but popular club – “The Continental” in NYC, Escapi Music would be bringing you the live performances of a handful of their most recent Artists. Tokyo Dragons and Wet Animal would be the main attractions for the night and with each band performing a little over 60 minutes you were able to get more than a great idea as to what would be in store for you on their respective albums. Kicking off the fun would be Mahavatar (a new signing who are set to record) and Dirty Rig (an act whose deal is in the works as you read this). Here is a little bit of information on what went down that night.

Tokyo Dragons: This is old-school Rock and Roll delivered to a head bopping perfection. The guys were in town for this party and to perform tracks from “Bring Us The Fear”. If you listen to bands who are Rock & roll in their roots but lean a little to the Punkier side that you find in Ramones and The Clash then this is a perfect band for you. Bare bones delivery and a group that enjoyed themselves on stage was clearly what I took away from this set of tunes.

Wet Animal: This band will appeal to the fans of Trouble primarily because it’s made up of two of the band members. Rick Wartel and Jeff Olson handling guitars and drums while singer/guitarist Shane Pasqualla does his magic up front. Trouble was one of those bands that helped to kick off the branded “Stoner/Doom” Rock that is seeing a large resurgence in popularity recently. They were supporting their recent and self-titled release at this gig and I admit to not being too receptive of the record. Perhaps I was too caught up in the Power Metal mindset but I say this to you, as when the band hit the stage they truly impressed me. I do think the music rocks but feel the name is dreadful, and takes away from them just a little bit. I hope that no one chooses to pass them by based on this as there is some solid gloomy Hard Rock coming out of this outfit.

Mahavatar: Slightly Gothic, slightly Metal, the band Mahavatar comes to the Escapi Music roster after Cruz Del Sur. Its not easy to define the group but if you like powerful female fronted groups then perhaps this group will appeal to you as well. They are not Nightwish styled, nor are they Arch Enemy as each of those groups maintain opposite sides of the extreme Power vs. Death; Mahavatar instead gives you pounding Hard Rock with a mix of growl and melody as delivered by the beautiful Lizza Hayson. Hayson is joined by Jamaican born Karla Williams and the two performers form the core of Mahavatar music. Now with a full lineup and new label they are ready to bring you over to their camp in Metal history.

Dirty Rig: The band says “Rock Did It”, and watching these guys perform you can totally agree with the statement. The group is fronted by former Warrior Soul singer Kory Clarke and the music in this band is balls to the wall Rock and Roll the way it would be delivered if The Rolling Stones combined themselves with AC/DC. It’s fist pumping, beer drinking and swearing music that is bound to be a welcome relief from the sometimes confusing myriad genres of Heavy Metal. The band recently secured a deal on the label and will be working on their debut very soon. I look forward to hearing this record and I am sure if straight ahead Rock is up your alley that you will also.

Over the past year, we have reviewed many of the label’s releases and some of the standout bands have been “Force Of Evil” and “Dragonlord”. “FOE” features members of Mercyful Fate while Dragonlord finds some of Testament and Nevermore giving a different slant of Metal to the hungry fan. We were let in on some of the upcoming stuff such as Warrior Soul remasters, new releases by the bands discussed above and a whole lot more. We look forward to bringing you more commentary and features on their artist roster as time goes forward. Thanks Escapi Music, you help keep it interesting.

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