Today Is “Record Store Day 2014”

Just a bit of a broadcast piece for you kind readers to remind you that today is indeed “Record Store Day” and despite the closure of one of my favorite spaces for such things, J&R Music World – there are still numerous spaces around the city and of course the country that are holding the banner up high for your listening pleasure.

Logo - Record Store Day - 2014

As with the previous years of this event, today is the day to get out and support your local retailer and independent shops as they celebrate that which is the vinyl record LP. There are TONS of special and limited edition pressings to enjoy no matter what your personal preference to music might be and if you don’t act fast for some of them, you will be relegated to paying premium prices on eBay and other collectors trading sites. I am abstaining this year based on time constraints and a wee bit of financials too since the tax refund was not glamorous at all but don’t let that stop you from snagging anything awesome. You can do some research via the official website link below, its got a great means for you to pinpoint what is doing in your vicinity. There are a lot of special events also happening around it which I think is cool. I attended some great events at J&R Music World before it closed and will miss the chance to participate in them going forward.

Official Website:

Oh and before I forget. Some of you might remember that we’ve offered up some coverage of the Rock Fantasy Concert Shop up in Middletown, NY over the years, well they’ve expanded their collection of vinyl at the store and if you are nearby or feel like an adventure to Middletown, NY they would sure love to have you along.

Poster - RF Record Store Day - 2014






Official Website:

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