Today: “Batman Day 2016” @ Participating Retailers (9/17/2016)

Greetings my comic book loving readers. It’s Batman Day for 2016 and that means that your participating retailers are making it all about the Caped Crusader with freebie coolness, discounts on related materials to the Dark Knight and in some establishments there will be Batman related activities throughout the day. I love that this happens because it surely generates an interest in the comic collecting hobby and now that the DC Universe “Rebirth” is underway there are a number of brand new Batman titles to purchase and start following right from the beginning.


Below is the cover for the free “Batman” #1 which has been re-branded to reflect “Batman Day” and you can take one home with you. I would suggest that you get their early for that since its while supplies last and people get ravenous for free stuff all the time. The interior content is exactly the same as the original issue but sometimes there is a bonus feature to enjoy as well and of course you can see the variant cover for “Batman Day”.

"Batman #1" Batman Day Special Edition
“Batman #1” Batman Day Special Edition

Support your local comic book store by paying them a visit and bringing along a little extra cash so you can take advantage of any sales that are going on in honor of Batman Day.

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