“Time Will Fuse It’s Worth” by Kylesa

Artist: Kylesa
Title: “Time Will Fuse It’s Worth”
Label: Prosthetic Records
Release Date: 10/31/2006
Genre: Sludge Punk Rock
Rating: 3/5

They might label this group as a Sludge band but oddly enough, I didn’t hear as much of that and instead found the total and unbridled fury of Hardcore, blended in with some brave Psychedelic experimentation. Savannah Georgia’s Kylesa is one of those bands that seem to move out of a defined box and offers their listeners a twist of old school Metal that is mixed in with the classic Punk from a time long ago. On top of the gritty/dirty sound, there is a strong Psychedelic Jam band groove going on which makes this interesting to find with Hardcore vocals being used over the riffs. A lot of the recording comes off with a“live” feel and one can almost imagine that they are sitting in the rehearsal space with the group as they perform the music on this album. The lineup of the quintet is comprised of Corey Barhorst (bass/vocals), Phillip Cope (guitar/vocals), Laura Pleasants (guitar/vocals), Jeff Porter (drums) and Carl McGinley (drums/noise). The size of the band for this kind of music allows for a little more use of experiment and with a dual male and female vocal, they allow for different feels to be attempted. I would have liked to see the use of more melodic vocals than they delivered and felt that they did not truly take advantage to the potentially different tones each could have tried since both seem to sing darker and rougher on all the tracks.

The other unique thing about the group was the use of two drummers and despite this being a great idea in some Southern Rock bands, I was a little surprised to hear about it in the process here. It does not lose you as a result, and if anything, the bottom end sounds a lot fuller with the two skin bashers. However, the pair does not display any crazy levels of technique that would often merit this kind of addition – perhaps in the future, it would be best for one of them to move over to other percussive implements instead to allow further enhancements in the music. The pair closes out the album with a double drum solo, which is not very bad. There are mainly short numbers and a couple of seeming filler pieces used as interludes across the release and two longer pieces, which seem to have the strongest content to them. The downside is many of the similar riffs being used which unless this was done on purpose risk the band being thought of as repetitive.

This is not a bad release for those that are fans of both Jam bands and those that deliver Stoner Doom type of things and perhaps the best aspect of the album is the “live” feel I mentioned early on. This will probably be best appreciated if it’s played loud. If you found any of the description of this interesting then perhaps this is a band for you as it offers an interesting deviation from the norm of other things that have come out. If you are looking for groundbreaking stuff then this is not for you.

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. What Becomes An End
3. Hollow Severer
4. Where The Horizon Unfolds
5. Between Silence And Sound
6. Intermission
7. Identity Defined
8. Ignoring Anger
9. The Warning
10. Outro

Official Website: http://www.kylesa.com/

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