Three Guitars in Concert (7/2/2013)

It was a few short months ago that I had the chance to meet guitarist Jane Getter at a media function revolving around the great Steven Wilson and after exchanging contact information I was officially on the mailing list for her upcoming events and planned on checking one of them out. Now while they are in no way related to the Metal scene, Getter surely plays a mean guitar and when she informed me about a new project entitled “Three Guitars”, I had to say that I was intrigued since one of the players was none other than Alex Skolnick who most of my readers are aware of from both Testament and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. My full report can be found by clicking the logo below as it will take you to the main PiercingMetal site. There are also several images in the gallery. Then return here to scroll down and enjoy some images that are only being delivered on the blog piece.

Artist: Three Guitars
Venue: Bar Next Door (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 7/2/2013
Label: Independent Artist

Written By: Ken Pierce (copyright 2013) for

While I like to consider myself a person who appreciates and understands the Progressive Rock movement in addition to with my most Metal pursuits; I have to admit that I really don’t know a whole lot about anything Jazz related even though I have supported The Alex Skolnick Trio on numerous occasions over the years. Now oddly enough these two admissions tie together in a sense for I was recently at a press listen for Steven Wilson who was presenting his latest opus “The Raven That Refused To Sing” and at that listen I had the pleasure of meeting guitarist Jane Getter who is a Progressive Rock/Jazz guitarist with a number of albums out. After the event we stayed in touch and it was how I learned about a new project that she was putting together with guitarists Bruce Arnold and Alex Skolnick. It sounded interesting and when I learned that the new group would be performing at an intimate space known as The Bar Next Door I had to be there to see what it was all about.

As a performance space this is probably as intimate as it gets and there are tables set up to enjoy the presentations and unless you are standing at the small bar at the side everyone must sit down. There is a small space for the performers and with three guitar players showcasing their talents this evening it was a bit cramped where they were but as professionals they knew how to work it out. After ordering up a couple of drinks (and fans should know that this kind of space often has a food and drink minimum requirement) it was time to enjoy some music. The project appeared to be spearheaded by Getter who is a wonderful player and someone that I was catching in action for the first time this evening. As result of this we would only get one song from the repertoires of both Arnold and Skolnick while the majority was Getter compositions. This meant the whole night was new to me but what wonderful skills were being showcased. I snagged the set list from Jane and did make sure that she delineated who wrote what across the tunes we had witnessed. It’s very difficult to describe tune for tune when it comes to this kind of stuff but needless to say if you enjoy technical wizardry with massive doses of take you away from the world vibe then this is the kind of set you need to sit down for one of these days.

They played about seven songs and the set was just about an hour in length. This was the first set of the evening and the second would be a mirror of this one. Patrons can remain at the venue for the second set but the drink/food requirement begins anew again as well. Closing up while I had a really nice time watching these unique offerings I had to say how cool it is to see a played like Skolnick in such a space. Remember that I regularly report on Alex on the Metal stages of NYC when he comes a calling with Testament. It’s surely a shift in my music appreciation dynamic. I hope to see this project again sometime in the future to see how it fleshes out. There were no drums nor bass to the project so it’s a literal exact to its name. Three guitars are three guitarists. Now it’s back to the Metal for me but I was so glad to expose myself to something different as this keeps your creative energy flowing best. See you next time.

Set List:
1. Blue Room (Jane Getter)
2. Heard Instinct (Bruce Arnold)
3. Secret Code (Jane Getter)
4. Skol Blues (Alex Skolnick)
5. It’s You Or No One
6. Before Noon (Jane Getter)
7. Don’t Chennai It (Jane Getter)

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Here is the poster for the event. As you can see there are two sets but with this kind of show its likely repeated for each one. Fans are always welcome to stay but the drink and menu minimum will be required per set in case you wondered.  This is common place with Blues and Jazz events of this nature.  You will see the same kind of protocol at spaces like The Iridium Club.


Trust me you are made aware of this thanks to little place cards. As you can see they also discourage audible conversation aka loud talking (which is always nice and sometimes a test of my will) along with flash photography (and that one was going to test my abilities this evening since it was dark in here). Since I was sitting only inches away from the group I had to be clever.

The Rules For The Night 🙂

After they performed I snagged a quick photo of all three of these fine musicians. From left to right there is Bruce Arnold, Alex Skolnick and Jane Getter. I am not sure that this “Three Guitars” name will be the one used going forward but let’s see what happens as the project manifests a little more.

They Are The Three Guitars

Each of the musicians had some merchandise available for sale.  Music of all sounds and influence.

Music Music We Got This!!!!
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