“Thor Against The World” by Thor

Artist: Thor
Title: “Thor Against The World”
Label: Smog Veil Records
Release Date: 5/10/2005
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 7

The first time I ever saw Thor had to be on the U68 “Power Hour” some 20 years ago. This was a New York City UHF channel show that featured Heavy Metal videos for an hour a couple of times a week. It was also considered the poor man’s MTV as at the time cable television and MTV were not as commonplace. Despite this title there was still a certain amount of appeal to it because on a regular basis you could count on seeing videos from Stryper, Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen and of course The Mighty Thor. This was long before MTV would ever feature any of these performers and sadder still some never made the transition to the network. So most of us were left to absorb the Metal by turning the dial on the television and aiming those rabbit ears just right to get the best reception. Memories, we all have them, but I digress.

Jon Mikl Thor has released his new CD on Smog Veil Records and it is exactly what you expect someone with 20 plus years in the business to deliver. His usual brand of heroism and bravery placed to Metal music. Thor sings about topics like good versus evil and the power of believing in oneself to achieve victory. Image wise there are a lot of similarities to him and Manowar. Each of them is a true defender of Metal and Hard Rock. With this new release Thor has actually given us a couple of solid Rock tunes and I found a large number of them very interesting. While there is no “Knock Them Down” or “Anger” on the record we do have the “Coming Of Thor” and “Megaton Man”. These tracks are among my favorites on the piece and are pretty good rockers. “Thor Against The World” opens the release and has a catchy chorus as well. For those that enjoy ballads there is a good one on the record as well, “Turn To Blue” is really is such a heartfelt piece and it has been stuck in my mind since I first heard it.

The CD is worth checking out if you like Rock and Roll and also wish to support someone who’s dedication to his music along with his strength has never faltered. Raise your hammers high for the Mighty Thor!!!!!

Track Listing:
1. Thor Against The World
2. Creature Feature
3. Easy Woman
4. Serpents Kiss
5. Glimmer
6. Gonna Have A Hard Time
7. Hard To Cry
8. Long Time
9. Megaton Man
10. Turn To Blue
11. The Coming Of Thor

Official Web site: http://www.ThorCentral.com

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