This Weekend: Coleco Retro Gaming & Collectibles Expo @ NJ Convention and Exposition Center

Hey there my readers, so I’m just now hearing about this brand new convention that will be happening over at the NJ Convention and Expo Center in Edison, NJ and its called “Coleco Retro Gaming Expo”. I’ve dissected the email that I received to have the key interest points most prominent and I’m going to add it to our calendars and do a broadcast reminder for those who are also just hearing about it. Dig in.

About The Show: “From the company that has brought you COLECOVISION & Cabbage Patch Kids. An event for the whole family. Enjoy a wide variety of retro video games, toys, collectibles, comics, cosplay, and more. New releases from the greatest names in modern gaming. Novelties from the toy industry. Grand Prize Contests” This convention is run by the toy company and not some third party promoter. This set up allows for a positive direct contact with the fans and members of the media that should attend. The Coleco Expo is the first expo of this kind for the company.

Time: August 5th and 6th 10am to 10pm and 10am to 6pm

Special Guests/Speakers:
Sophie Reynolds from Disney’s Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything.
Tim Lapetino – Author of “Art of Atari”
Tyler Bushnell – Son of Atari founder, Creator of Polycades
Tim Clarke – Creator of 80s sectors, Frafgle Rock, Muppets. Master toy designer featuring new Sectaur line
Joe DelBeato – GI JOE and Marvel Comic Artist
Patrick Hickey Jr. – Author of “The Minds Behind the Games”, Editor
Antoine Clerc-Renaud- Author of “Coleco-The Official Book”
Jeffrey Wittenhagen- VGBS Podcast, Hagen’s Alley Books, “The Complete NES” Author
Jack SCala- former Coleco engineer/electronic technician
Uncle Yo- Geek Comedian
Leonard Herman- Game scholar and author of “Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Home Videogames”
Superheroes Unlimited- Cosplay Contest Host
Partynerdz- Podcast on superheroes, gaming, comics, and nerd topics

Prizes To Win:
Full Size Arcades: Coleco will be giving out stand up arcade machines to TWO lucky attendees.

Cosplay Contest: $1000 in Cash prizes will be given to the best dressed Cosplay (costume play) attendees. Folks young and old are encouraged to dress as their favorite video game character or super hero.

New Products Unveiled:
Coleco will have on display a walk-through of their new officially licensed “Rainbow Brite” (Hallmark) and “Robotech” (Harmony Gold) video games. Show goers can also pick up the Convention Exclusive “Sydney Hunter” video game (all profits donated to anti bullying organization Free2Luv).

Partners: Free2Luv. Coleco has partnered with the anti-bullying charity Free2Luv in order to stamp out cyber bullying. 100% of the profits from the Expo Sydney Hunter game will go to Free2Luv. Folks are encourage to participate in the #MillionSignMission

Attractions: Attendees can browse through a hall of vendors and artists to score old and new video games, art, merchandise, and accessories. Guests can also check out the ‘free-play’ arcade room and reminisce about the arcades they played as a child (without quarters). Saturday, August 5th enjoy a Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Demo.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Though I’d love to be a part of this event in the real sense there is no way for me to attend based on the demands that are currently on my media plate. I’ve just returned to the Metal Media Command HQ after a few days away and while you fine readers saw content every single day that stuff was all programmed in and now its time to get back on task with the everything else that’s involved in keeping you entertained. I do love the idea of this convention and still have fond memories of my old ColecoVision system that my parents didn’t keep for posterity like I would have. I had so many of the games and think that I might have had a nice “ancient history” blog post if all of that stuff was still in my possession. Oh well. Maybe if this event does well enough it can move to a NYC space or even the Brooklyn Expo Center where we find the Hot Sauce Expo happening every year. So let me close up and ask you what you think about this new convention and if you will attend? If you are a cosplayer that is going please let me know what you will be dressing up as down in those comments below. Ciao for now.

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