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This October Marvel’s “Uncanny X-Men” Reaches 600th Issue!

I’ll be getting to the monthly comic book solicitations for Marvel Comics very soon but first I wanted to share and help raise the celebrations as “Uncanny X-Men” reaches its 600th issue. There are numerous different covers to add to your collection so I’ve culled them all together along with the press release for you to enjoy. Check it out.

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The Press Release:
“New York, NY—October 1st, 2015 — Before Secret Wars ends and the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe begins, cap off Brian Michael Bendis’ epic X-Men run with a bang! Today, Marvel is pleased to present all the covers to October’s oversized UNCANNY X-MEN #600 – brought to you by some of the industry’s most iconic artists! Featuring new artwork from Art Adams, Paul Smith, Rick Leonardi, Adam Hughes Olivier Coipel, Ed McGuinness, Leinil Yu and Kris Anka – each of these stunning variant covers showcases a different era of Marvel’s Merry Mutants, brought to life by some of the X-Men’s most memorable artists. Plus, don’t miss three all-new Action Figure Variants by rising star John Tyler Christopher as Emma Frost, Jean Grey and Iceman get the blister pack treatment. Featuring 38 pages of new stories written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Stuart Immonen, Chris Bachalo, Sara Pichelli, David Marquez, Mahmud Asrar, Kris Anka and Frazier Irving – close out this chapter of Mutant history in style this October in UNCANNY X-MEN #600! For more information on UNCANNY X-MEN #600, visit for a full interview with Brian Michael Bendis.”

"Uncanny X-Men" #600 Variant by Chris Bachalo
“Uncanny X-Men” #600 Cover by Chris Bachalo


Now let’s check out all of the cool variant covers that you will be wanting to add to your collection.

"Uncanny X-Men" #600 Variant by Art Adams
“Uncanny X-Men” #600 Variant by Art Adams
"Uncanny X-Men" #600 Variant by Kris Anka
“Uncanny X-Men” #600 Variant by Kris Anka
"Uncanny X-Men" #600 Variant by John Tyler Christoper
“Uncanny X-Men” #600 Variant by John Tyler Christoper
"Uncanny X-Men" #600 Variant by John Tyler Christoper
“Uncanny X-Men” #600 Variant by John Tyler Christoper
"Uncanny X-Men" #600 Variant by John Tyler Christoper
“Uncanny X-Men” #600 Variant by John Tyler Christoper
"Uncanny X-Men" #600 Variant by Olivier Coipel
“Uncanny X-Men” #600 Variant by Olivier Coipel
"Uncanny X-Men" #600 Variant by Adam Hughes
“Uncanny X-Men” #600 Variant by Adam Hughes
"Uncanny X-Men" #600 Variant by Rick Leonardi
“Uncanny X-Men” #600 Variant by Rick Leonardi
"Uncanny X-Men" #600 Variant by Ed McGuinness
“Uncanny X-Men” #600 Variant by Ed McGuinness
"Uncanny X-Men" #600 Variant by Paul Smith
“Uncanny X-Men” #600 Variant by Paul Smith
"Uncanny X-Men" #600 Variant by Leinil Yu
“Uncanny X-Men” #600 Variant by Leinil Yu

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Before I say anything else let me say “Congratulations to the Uncanny X-Men” for reaching this milestone issue #600; I was reading this title religiously for many, many years and for those of you who might not know, this was originally titled “X-Men” from issues 1-93 and would be relaunched with the now famous “Giant Sized X-Men” #1 which led us into the “All-New Uncanny X-Men” with issue #94 (if you have any of these two comics in your collection you have some nicely valuable books so I hope that you are caring for them). This was a couple of choice members of the original team along with a host of new heroes like Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, Banshee and Nightcrawler and the rest is history. As far as the X-Men mythology is concerned this is the longest running title that Marvel has in its offerings. Great work that was started so very long ago by Stan “The Man” Lee and Jack “King” Kirby. I’m hoping that the finances are there for me to snag as many of these as I can but that all depends on how many of the new first issues I want as well since there are quite a few of them coming out this month which you will see in my next Comics posting. I know that I want the action figure variants since those appeal to my toy collector side and of course the Adam Hughes, Rick Leonardi and Ed McGuinness ones. The latter two because its a great dynamic with the original X-Men and the New X-Men. So what do you readers think about this particular comic book happening and what covers do you find your eye drawing too the most? Are you still reading X-Men at all? Don’t forget there will be two X-Men related films coming in 2016 which although not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, do still look interesting. Let me know what you think in the comments. See you next time.

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