This Just In: The Download Festival For 2021 Has Been Cancelled

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Maybe this news surprises you and maybe it doesn’t. Whatever the case might be, the annual Download Festival which takes place in the legendary Donington Park has been cancelled. This follows the recently announced cancellation of the Hellfest Open Air Festival which is documented HERE in case you missed it.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ve pointed out that I don’t get to any of the festivals across the pond but since its a longtime desire of ours to do when we hit the lottery I figured its best to keep our readers around the world up to speed. Where you planning on attending this mega-event? Does the news disappoint or even surprise you at this stage of the Coronavirus Pandemic? Chime in down below and be sure to stay tuned to the websites of the outlets you follow and their social networks (like ours of course) because I have a feeling that many more announcements of this kind will be par for the course despite anyone’s original plans for 2021. See you next time and please continue to be safe out there in the mix.

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