“This Godless Endeavor” by Nevermore

Artist: Nevermore
Title: “This Godless Endeavor”
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 7/26/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 9/10

Almost immediately after the release of “This Godless Endeavor”, Nevermore have been be cited as a band who have potentially released their career defining album. Given that this year in Metal as been a barrage of great releases and tours this is no easy feat to accomplish. Yet after listening to the CD I have to say that I agree with them. From start to finish this CD is a non-stop attack on the senses full of Heavy Metal power. They have come light years from their earlier releases and from their previous incarnation as Sanctuary and it’s apparent as soon as “Born” begins. I enjoy singer Warrel Dane since he holds a powerful “clean” vocal while so many Metal bands all possess “growlers” in their membership these days. I lean towards the “traditional” Metal genre so this is a welcome change now and then. Jeff Loomis lays down some impressive guitar wizardry on the release and is to be commended but among the most standout work goes to drummer Van Williams. He is literally non-stop and very technical in his approach and does things with the drum kit that almost mirror the riffing insanity of Loomis. The two seem to play off one another more than I have seen done on some other Metal epics. It was quite intense to experience.

Rounded out by Steve Smyth (guitar) and Jim Sheppard (bass) the group delivers this no-holds barred masterpiece. Smyth joins the band from Testament and this is his first recording as a member of Nevermore. The release is full of dark themes and ideals which are portrayed in tracks such as “The Final Product”, “Sentient 6” and “This Godless Endeavor”. Lyrically intelligent, this CD will make any listener stop to read the lyric booklet that is included with the disc. In addition to the words for the tracks there is page after page of ominous and stark artwork. It falls along with the theme of the release and adds to the mood that the band wants to set. It’s important to know that while the CD is dark in content it is pure Heavy Metal and not the brooding Gothic or epic Operatic Arias. You are assaulted for almost 57 minutes and once it completes I am certain you will press play once again.

If Nevermore has been a band that you did not look into in the past then now is the time to change that. This CD comes with the highest of recommendations and is sure to set some ground breaking records going forward. I look forward to seeing this album delivered in concert.

Track Listing:
1. Born (The Retribution Of Spiritual Sickness)
2. Final Product
3. My Acid Words
4. Bittersweet Feast
5. Sentient
6. Medicated Nation
7. The Holocaust Of Thought
8. Sell My Heart For Stones
9. The Psalm Of Lydia
10. A Future Uncertain
11. This Godless Endeavor

Official Web site: www.Nevermore.tv

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