This Fall; Mexicali Live Will Become The Debonair Music Hall

It was only a few weeks ago that I began adding the shows that were happening at MexiCali Live to our REGIONAL EVENTS CALENDAR and this was done when a regular site visitor posed the question as to why we did not do that beforehand. Now we do and that made seeing this press item something very important to share with you regarding the future of this very venue. Read on with the full press copy from their team and I’ll chime in at the close with additional editorial thoughts.

The Press Release:
Northern New Jersey’s lively and infamous music venue, Mexicali Live, announced its plans to rebrand itself this fall, as Debonair Music Hall. The official transition will take place on September 12th, celebrated with a week of special shows to kick-off the venue’s new direction.

Mexicali Live came under new ownership this past spring, when it was purchased by David & Alberta Gaskill. “When we purchased Mexicali we saw an incredible venue that had an identity crisis,” he shared. “It was unclear to fans if Mexicali was a music venue or a restaurant. By rebranding, we are making a clear statement: we are a destination for great live music unlike any other in the region.”

A new name and logo are just the beginning, with plans for the venue to receive a number of upgrades in the coming months. “[We plan] to paint the interior, upgrade our lighting, and add a 4k camera and a large TV that can stream shows,” shared Gaskill. “We are also going to revamp our food and drink menus. While we will have some flexibility, most of the seating for our shows will be limited and reserved at time of purchase, with standing-room only shows being more prominent.”

Debonair plans to host a more diverse selection of bands and artists, to fulfill the demand and interests of concert goers and broaden the venue’s potential. Likewise, Gaskill knows the performers comfort matters just as much, “We want to make sure that the bands have a great time as well by understanding their needs and ensuring they have everything they need, including for high energy shows. Playing for a packed house helps too!”

With the official name change and rebranding happening on September 12, 2017, the venue plans to celebrate with a week of special shows, including artists like Passafire, The Werks, Firehouse and Helmet. “I wanted to book a lineup of bands that will appeal to many different music lovers and bring people to Teaneck to see amazing acts. That week will be a preview of the types of shows we’re committed to featuring for years to come.” Show dates can be found below, with more to be announced.

9/13 – FireWerks Tour featuring Passafire and The Werks
9/14 – TBA
9/15 – FireHouse
9/16 – Helmet
9/17 – TBA

“Kickoff week is going to be amazing!” shared Gaskill. “We are committed to making Debonair Music Hall the best live music experience in the area by bringing great bands, awesome food, and a beer selection that you won’t find at any other venue. We couldn’t be more excited about our future and we hope everyone enjoys Debonair as much as we do!”

Tickets for all upcoming shows can be purchased online at until September 12; after which the site will be switched over during the official transition. Tickets are also availble at the box office on show nights, generally starting at 6pm.

All shows prior to the transition will be branded as Mexicali Live shows; after September 12th, all shows will be branded as Debonair Music Hall. Local and national acts should address booking inquiries to the new e-mail, [email protected], though old addresses will remain in service through the transition.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I guess my timing was fortuitous in adding this venues listings even though I’ve largely focused on the immediate NYC and some outlining regions over the years. Truth be told, with the closure of Webster Hall looming in the weeks ahead for a massive renovation and possible rebranding as well, it will be good to add key shows at the Debonair Music Hall to the calendar. I don’t think that any of our readers are going to argue with me about having awareness and more choices on the Metal and Media Menu that is continually being served up on the site. So I should admit that I have never been to this club at all since most of the shows always hit other venues closer to me and I am locked into mass transit in terms of getting around. Perhaps some carpooling will be the case depending on the booked event in the not too distant future. So what do you readers who have visited this venue in the past think about this news? Does it amp you up for the future possibilities at the space in terms of the bands coming into town? Please let me know what you think down in the comments section below, and especially if you were a regular patron of the place. Those readers should chime in with what they hope will happen after the rebranding of the venue because I am going to make sure that their people see the notes with this post. Take care and see you next time.

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One thought on “This Fall; Mexicali Live Will Become The Debonair Music Hall”

  1. …Infamous venue? In the “region”? Are you kidding me this place only holds roughly 300 people, and they’re talking it up like it’s gonna be Madison Square Garden. The clubs in NYC dwarf this space, you could fit Mexicali in the men’s room at the Best Buy Theatre. What a lineup with all those TBA’s on the calendar I don’t know which show to attend first.

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