The Winners of the Revolver Golden Gods Awards for 2012 Are…..

Last night was the third annual Revolver Golden Gods awards and since the PiercingMetal Command HQ is a regular reader of the magazine that hosted the awards, I wanted to present the winning names to the readers our official blog. I figured that you might enjoy seeing who won, and to make it a little more interesting I decided to speak to each category and give you my input on which winners I agreed with and which ones I didn’t. It’s kind of like when you watch the Academy Awards and scream “I cannot believe that Annie Hall beat Star Wars for Best Picture”. OK, here we go…..

Before we get into this, please be aware that the winners are chosen based on the results of an online reader poll. I posted a few links about this on the PiercingMetal Facebook so our readers could offer up their own preferences so let’s see what happened. May I have the leather wrapped envelope please……

Best Guitarist
Jinxx and Jake Pitts (Black Veil Brides) = WINNER
Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook (Five Finger Death Punch)
Willie Adler and Mark Morton (Lamb Of God)
Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel (Machine Head)
Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick (Megadeth)
Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu (Trivium)

Thoughts: Tricky one for me, but I do like Jinxx and Jake from BVB. Technically I think that both the Five Finger Death Punch and Lamb Of God guys are better musicians note for note and well, Mustaine and Broderick speak for themselves in terms of shred-tastic ability. At the end of the day I guess its nice to see some up and comers getting a chance to shine. I’ve enjoyed BVB in concert a number of times and can say that their axe-slingers that surely entertain.

Best Drummer
Jeremy Spencer (Five Finger Death Punch) = WINNER
Charlie Benante (Anthrax)
Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters)
Chris Adler (Lamb Of God)
Brann Dailor (Mastodon)
Tomas Haake (Meshuggah)

Thoughts: Oooh tough one for me because there are a lot of killer players in the list but I have really been enjoying the overall power and solid delivery that 5FDP’s Jeremy Spencer has been offering up. Nothing to slight Charlie of Anthrax but I think Jeremy deserved this one. It’s cool to see him winning over the likes of monster technicians like Tomas Haake of Meshuggah and Chris Adler of Lamb Of God and even Brann of Mastodon who I feel is an octopus on the kit. The hobbyist drummer in me found something good in almost every player lined out in this list. Kudos Jeremy. He kicks ass live as well if you have never seen Five Finger Death Punch before.

Best Vocalist
Amy Lee (Evanescence) = WINNER
Sebastian Bach
Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides)
James Durbin
Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch)
Jonathan Davis (Korn)

Thoughts: I guess I am happy to see Amy Lee winning the best vocalist award for GG2012 because she really does have an incredible range and delivered a nice bit of work on the bands comeback release “Evanescence”. I am not sure I would have had American Idol’s James Durbin in this kind of running as opposed to a more established Metal screamer but I don’t make the polls. Glad that Korn’s Davis didn’t win this one, because I just don’t think he has an amazing voice. He is good for sure and the band popular but he is no Sebastian Bach.

Album Of The Year
Korn, “The Path Of Totality” = WINNER
Anthrax, “Worship Music”
Evanescence, “Evanescence”
Five Finger Death Punch, “American Capitalist”
Foo Fighters, “Wasting Light”
Lamb Of God, “Resolution”

Thoughts: Really? Korn with “Album Of The Year”? Come on readers, the clear order of possible winners should have been “Worship Music”, “Evanescence” or “Resolution”. Really absolutely killer stuff on all of those when compared track for track with the Korn album. I would not have even listed Foo Fighters here since they already had locked in every Rock and Metal category for the Grammy’s and left many rockers scratching their heads with that.

Best Live Band
Avenged Sevenfold = WINNER
Foo Fighters
Guns N’ Roses
Judas Priest

Thoughts: I will discount Seether right now from best live band. Have not been impressed by the clips I see on YouTube and can say that I do agree that Avenged Sevenfold is likely the best in terms of entertaining delivery on the live stage. I am almost a lifelong Priest fan but love them as much as I do its not an exciting show. I don’t think the Axl N’ Roses project is either but people have been impressed so I was surprised that they didn’t take the title.

Most Metal Athlete
CM Punk (WWE wrestling) = WINNER
Gina Carano (MMA fighting)
Brian Deegan (pro motocross)
Evan Longoria (MLB baseball)
Dirk Nowitzki (NBA basketball)
Mitch Petrus (NFL football)

Thoughts: Clearly I need to watch a little more sports than I must be doing because I did not know a single name on this list of nominees. I will leave it with congrats to CM who is apparently a wrestler.

Comeback Of The Year
Slipknot = WINNER
Dream Theater
Van Halen

Thoughts: Losing a founding member of one’s band cannot be easy but with no new release being supported YET and the touring still being a bit of a way away, I found Slipknot winning the comeback title a little odd. Anthrax had a true comeback with “Worship Music” for with this album everyone was suddenly interested in the band again. Come on you know this is true. The same applies to Evanescence after so many years out of the new releases eye. Dream Theater perhaps the most for this title since a founding member was gone and then wanted back in and all this back and forth online drama. The band coming back with a new drummer and material was more a return.

Riff Lord
Slash = WINNER
Scott Ian (Anthrax)
Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society)
Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)
Munky (Korn)
Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen)

Thoughts: Love ya Slash but compared to Eddie Van Halen and even Zakk Wylde you are NOT the Riff Lord. You kick some ass for sure but those two should have come out on top instead of you.

Paul Gray Best Bassist
Nikki Sixx (Sixx:A.M.) = WINNER
Frank Bello (Anthrax)
Michael Anthony (Chickenfoot)
Fieldy (Korn)
David Ellefson (Megadeth)
Wolfgang Van Halen (Van Halen)

Thoughts: No. Love the Crue since the first day I heard “Too Fast For Love” but no. Best Bassist is not Sixx – I’m sorry. Either Ellefson or Anthony should have walked away with this one if not Frankie Bello. Not sure why someone like Billy Sheehan didn’t get a nomination for his Mr. Big work but oh well.

Best International Band
X Japan = WINNER
Lacuna Coil

Thoughts: X Japan is a good one for this category and I think they are a band that is still new to many of the fans ears and eyes in this part of the world. I would have personally preferred either Behemoth or Rammstein and maybe even Meshuggah but I think those might be too intense for some of the folks who ended up voting. See why I stressed that you needed to speak your mind when the time was there to do so. I caught X Japan in concert once and will do so again for sure.

Most Dedicated Fans
Avenged Sevenfold = WINNER
Asking Alexandria
Black Veil Brides
Falling In Reverse

Thoughts: No offense to Avenged, I think that the fans of the Brides and Evanescence are much more dedicated to these bands livelihood. The same applies to the HIM fans who I watched build the bands popularity up from their first US gigs ever. Since those Finns have not really been here in a couple of years I was surprised to see them listed but whatever. Kudos to Avenged on winning this one, but based on the intense response I find any article I write about the Brides getting thanks to their fans I think that they should not have won.

So dear readers, who would you have wanted to win some of these Golden Gods awards? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section so please speak up. In case you are wondering if had the chance to attend these festivities, I am afraid that the answer is no. It might be fun to get invited some time in the future and be there as member of the professional media who is bringing you the scoop but so far that has not yet happened. This event is still only three years old but if we ever do go, I promise that you will hear about it first right here in the blog for the website.

2 thoughts on “The Winners of the Revolver Golden Gods Awards for 2012 Are…..”

  1. I think most of the nominees are crap and most of the winners wouldn’t be my choice. BvB’s performance was also one of the worst i have ever seen. I feel like a bunch of 14 year olds voted.

  2. All these award show’s are a joke. From The golden gods to the rock and roll hall of fame. These revolver ones are the biggest waste of time and energy for all involved. 90% of the bands they nominate have had little to no impact on a large scale to metal music in general. Im no fan of most of these so called New Metal bands.  Korn,Seether And James Durbin. No wonder why metal gets no respect. 

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