“The Videos” by Trouble

Artist: Trouble
Title: “The Videos”
Label: Independant
Release Date:
Genre: Doom Metal
Rating: 3/5

If you were ever a fan of the legendary Doom Metal band Trouble then you will certainly enjoy some of the things that the band is releasing under their own power. This is a good thing for while we were able to enjoy remastered editions of “The Skull” and “Psalm 9” from their back catalog on their previous label Escapi Music, these particular items would have never seen the light of day had the band not opted to release them on their own. The band had a handful of videos which I recall being more underground than on the likes of MTV of the day when the network actually played such things and now thanks to being able to deliver such products on ones own dollar we have them all in one place to easily enjoy. Looking at them so many years after they were first recorded makes me smile a little because while great songs these were only ok in terms of the video that they did. There are many scenes with band members walking or standing around or on the stage but let’s face it, this was the kind of film that a Metal band did for the most part. There was no budget for bands of this type to be on jet skis or boats like we found the guys in Duran Duran doing in their own clips. I will say that the films are quite clear and the sound was on target and this made me feel that they would appeal to those who have had them on video tapes for a couple of decades. Listening to the tracks as these films played out made me go back in time to when the Doom Metal genre was starting to pick up steam amidst all the Hair Metal that was going on. Bands like Trouble were offering up a nice heavy take on things and crushing the listener with riffs as opposed to teasing their hair and singing about getting drunk. It was a welcome difference for those who were longing for something heavy to take place again. Trouble was definitely a band that was bringing a lot to the listener during these years.

The DVD is only available via the bands website, so you need to click that and order from their own online store. It’s worth the price if you were a fan because it is unlikely that we shall find it being delivered by any other party. My fave tracks from the five delivered fell to opener “R.I.P.” and the classic “The Misery Shows (Act Two)”. The band is still active in today’s music scene but with a couple of different members than their longest standing fans would remember.

Track Listing:
1. R.I.P.
2. At The End Of My Daze
3. The Misery Shows (Act Two)
4. Psychotic Reaction
5. Memory’s Garden

Official Website: http://www.newtrouble.com

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