“The Very Best Of KISS” by KISS

Artist: KISS
Title: “The Very Best Of KISS”
Release Date: 8/27/2002
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 8/10

Despite this being yet another greatest hits compilation from KISS, I felt this one was pretty good as a whole. Focusing its content on the band’s makeup years, the release of “The Very Best Of KISS” gives you a 21 song spectrum of some anthems and soon to be classics. Most of the standards are present and that is because KISS is known for including a lot of the same songs on these releases. It’s hard to envision a hits package from the foursome with no “Detroit Rock City” or “Shout It Out Loud” (both present by the way). Some interesting aspects were the inclusion of only one solo album track: the Ace Frehley mega hit “New York Groove”. It’s pretty much the most well known track from all four of the solo albums. Unlike many other hits releases, this one does not include any new recordings. While the albums span the band’s history from their debut “KISS” until “Revenge”; nothing from “Asylum”, “Animalize”, “Crazy Nights”, or “Hot In The Shade” is present on this. An album like this is not much for KISS fans unless they want a solid compilation for the car or Ipod device. It is, however, perfect as a gift for someone who is looking into the band and might have some overall interest in their music. There’s enough present on this CD to give you a healthy sample of the best years in the band’s history. The short and catchy tunes are bound to make a fan even of the most casual listener. So get out that greasepaint and spread the word of KISS.

Track Listing:
1. Strutter
2. Deuce
3. Got To Choose
4. Hotter Than Hell
5. C’Mon And Love Me
6. Rock And Roll All Nite
7. Detroit Rock City
8. Shout It Out Loud
9. Beth
10. I Want You
11. Calling Dr. Love
12. Hard Luck Woman
13. I Stole Your Love
14. Christine Sixteen
15. Love Gun
16. New York Groove
17. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
18. I Love It Loud
19. Lick It Up
20. Forever
21. God Gave Rock & Roll To You II

Official Web site: www.KISSonline.com

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