The Vans Warped Tour 2016 Dates Are Here…

But that is about it my dear readers. All you are getting from those powers that be behind the process are the dates and what cities this tour will be hitting. It’s been posted that the rest of the information regarding the lineup and the actual event spaces will be disclosed in March 2016 so stay tuned to the same Bat channel etc. for that stuff as we learn of it here at the Metal Command HQ.

Logo - Vans Warped Tour - 2016

Tour Dates & Cities:
6.24: Dallas, TX
6.25: San Antonio, TX
6.26: Houston, TX
6.27: New Orleans, LA
6.29: Nashville, TN
6.30: Atlanta, GA
7.1: St. Petersburg, FL
7.2: Orlando, FL
7.3: West Palm Beach, FL
7.5: Charlotte, NC
7.6: Virginia Beach, VA
7.7: Syracuse, NY
7.8: Philadelphia, PA
7.9: New York, NY
7.10: Hartford, CT
7.11: Scranton, PA
7.13: Boston, MA
7.14: Buffalo, NY
7.15: Pittsburgh, PA
7.16 Columbia, MD
7.17: Holmdel, NJ
7.19: Indianapolis, IN
7.20: Cleveland, OH
7.21: Cincinnati, OH
7.22: Detroit, MI
7.23: Chicago, IL
7.24: Minneapolis, MN
7.26: Milwaukee, WI
7.27: St. Louis, MO
7.28: Kansas City, KS
7.30: Salt Lake City, UT
7.31: Denver, CO
8.2: Oklahoma City, OK
8.3: Albuquerque, NM
8.5: San Diego, CA
8.6: San Francisco, CA
8.7: Los Angeles, CA
8.9: Phoenix, AZ
8.11: Boise, ID
8.12: Seattle, WA
8.13: Portland, OR

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Well that is all I have so I guess mark down the date on your mobile device and check back here for more on this festival in March (outside of your regular clicking around on our articles of course which you can continue to do on a regular basis, we love to have you along for the ride). Since no bands have been announced I am going to remain hopeful that the lineup is second to none this year because we have lost the Rockstar Mayhem Fest and who knows how well the Summer Slaughter did across the board. Let’s see what happens. The official website for the event is below for your perusal.

Official Website:

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