“The Truth” by Bleeding Through

Artist: Bleeding Through
Title: “Truth”
Label: Trustkill Records
Release Date: 1/10/2006
Genre: Metal Core
Rating: 3

The Truth. Sincerity, integrity and a fidelity to an original standard. The Truth is Bleeding Through’s latest offering and their attempt at living up to the boldness of their title in an Orange County frame of mind. The Truth is also Bleeding Through’s pick up right where they left off on This is Love, This is Murderous, (their Trustkill Records debut) with a predictably solid offering of riff-laden romance gone wrong. It features an even more polished production and an even tighter delivery with more focused song structures. The Truth builds upon the breakdowns, the keyboard undertones and blackened hardcore that the quintet has become known for. Bleeding Through are designed to evoke passionate responses and one can not help but feel during the record the seismic pain that the band expresses. However, unlike the rawness of their debut this is paved over by an opportunity to share it more with the masses. The choruses are more prominent and the definition features a simplistic sensibility in the tried-and-true of the current scene.

They still do it better than anyone else as they hold true to their straight-edge roots with an uncompromising effort living up to its title. The soft spots on the album are an attempt to display maturity and diversify the Bleeding Through sound. The balance of traditional Thrash terrorism mixed with Hardcore that the band has always been based upon. They strike this equilibrium and invite the listener to sing and mosh simultaneously with every passing song. So in the end, The Truth is what you wish to believe it to be. Is it a confession of your soul on the tragedy of empty streets, or is it in your own interpretation of crossing the line in the sand between the past and the future of Metalcore of Bleeding Through.

Track Listing:
1. For Love and Failing
2. Confession
3. Love In Slow Motion
4. The Pain Killer
5. Kill To Believe
6. Dearly Demented
7. Line In The Sand
8. She’s Gone
9. Tragedy Of Empty Streets
10. Return To Sender
11. Hollywood Prison
12. The Truth

Official Website: http://www.bleedingthrough.com

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