The Trailer For “Iron Man 3” Is Here

We tend to geek out over here for the Comic Book stuff on the PiercingMetal Musings Blog and have been proving our proud Nerd factor time and time again with the review of the various titles and whenever possible some discussion of the very exciting Marvel Cinematic Universe films. I never mentioned this but it doesn’t matter at this point, but I didn’t see “Iron Man” when it first came out. It was a very busy time in life so I needed to wait for DVD but I did catch “The Incredible Hulk” in the cinema and loved how the building of a shared universal timeline was happening with these characters. Wasn’t it fantastic that those films led to not only a second Iron Man film, but also a Thor and Captain America one and brought us to the blockbuster hit of 2012 – “The Avengers”.

That exciting film brings us to the next go round for Iron Man who will battle for his life against The Mandarin (who will be played by Ben Kingsley). Since the trailer has just been put online I am sharing with you readers so we can get a little dialogue going about the premise and what we hope it all will amount to. Of course it will be followed by the second Thor and Captain American films before we get a sequel to The Avengers. Take a look.

Wow. That sure looks awesome and some people are already commenting that it looks much better than “Iron Man 2”. I guess I can agree with them in some sense because Whiplash while a solid villain for Iron Man, was not presented in the way most fans knew him, nor is he as formidable as The Mandarin. Personally I liked some of what “Iron Man 2” offered up, and enjoyed seeing War Machine do some damage. I wonder if the rumors of our seeing Ant Man in one of the teaser scenes is true. I admit that I am on the fence about this being one of the next films but let’s see what happens right. Whatever the case may be, its without question that Robert Downey Jr. has been doing a terrific job as Tony Stark/Iron Man and I look forward to seeing him continue to do this role.

I’ve left the comments open on this one, so what do you all think of what the trailer was like? We have a pretty long time before the film comes out. Its a May 2013 release date.

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