The Rockstar Mayhem Fest 2012 Lineup & Dates Are In!

Yep. The names have been named and for the most part the dates have been finalized and in our constant effort to keep our site readers in the loop about some of the more important happenings upon the concert scene we are making mention on our blog. Take a look at who’s playing at this one.

Since it’s easier to keep abreast of the dates for the tour I linked to their official website in the logo way up above and of course down below at the close of this post for good measure. So what do you all think about this lineup? We have Slipknot headlining the tour and Slayer as direct support with Anthrax, The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel and High On Fire along for the run as well. I’m very interested in hearing what you all think about this day long affair.

My views? Well, I really think its cool that Slipknot will be back in action especially after losing Paul Gray back in May of 2010. It had to be a hard decision to continue without a founding member. As far as Slayer goes, some might find it strange that they are direct support instead of headlining but I am okay with that and since Anthrax seems to be continuing to ride the wave of renewed popularity thanks to “Worship Music” I say good for them. I’ve not yet had the chance to see TDWP or Asking Alexandria and AILD but I am finding myself no longer all that fascinated by Whitechapel and High On Fire. I think I might have seen these two bands a bit more than I wanted to so I long for something new to the mix. Personally it would have been nice to see Overkill on something like this or maybe even Blackguard to mix it up. Who do you think would have been a great couple of additions or subtractions from the mix?

It’s too early to know whether I shall be on point at one of these events for the purpose of site coverage but I will admit they are a daunting effort without any question. Its a lot of work to do properly so let’s see what happens. Maybe I will just go and be one of the crowd this time around to see what its like.

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One thought on “The Rockstar Mayhem Fest 2012 Lineup & Dates Are In!”

  1. Looks like a decent group and slightly diverse bunch of bands.Would be great if Rammstein and Fear Factory(don’t know what their current status is)could be on this bill as well. That being said a marathon show such as this is very difficult to attend for me as it requires 8-12 hrs of standing/moshing/headbanging that I don’t think I can endure any longer lol.

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