The Return Of Metal Church with Mike Howe Tour Dates

In keeping up with my getting a bunch of tours out to your viewing screen I have a feeling this one will go over well. Fans of the Metal Church will be pleased as all get out at the news that singer Mike Howe has returned to the lineup and compounded that coolness with news about a new tour. Check out the poster below and then I’ll chime back in.

Tour - Metal Church - 2016

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Apologies for not having the full rundown lines out in the text side of this post but the poster is pretty clear and shall have to suffice for you. Now, truth be told I never really followed Metal Church back in the heyday so many years ago but I found myself getting a little more into them once I started discussing their works here on the website. Then I caught them in concert and just love what guitarist Vanderhoof does and Mr. Jeff Plate from Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Newer fans should be aware that this is a band that delivers pure and unadulterated Heavy Metal music and since they have Mike Howe back on the vocals this should be a treat for all in attendance. What do you think of this tour and will you go? Let me know in the comments section.

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