“The Realm Of Napalm Records” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “The Realm Of Napalm Records”
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: 10/24/2006
Genre: Gothic, Folk, Viking Metal
Rating: 5/5

If you are a fan of Gothic, Viking, Folk or Atmospheric Metal in general and you don’t know about Napalm Records then you are truly missing out. The label has been putting bands like this on the map for the past couple of years and it seems as though everything I hear from their artist roster is an enjoyable display of the wondrous differences one can have happen in Metal music. This DVD/CD release is a cornucopia of those acts and you as the viewer get video films as well as live performance footage of what they offer you. It’s as much a fun thing to watch as it is a learning experience about bands that you would not have readily available to you in most areas or unless you knew exactly where to look for it. On the DVD you get 19 promotional videos and of the lot, I most enjoyed Leaves’ Eyes, Korpiklaani and Tyr. Leaves’ Eyes is one of the label’s main artists so they also get an enjoyable special feature elsewhere on the DVD where you find them in studio and take a Winters Walk with singer Liv Kristine. It makes this something that a Leaves’ Eyes fan will enjoy very much since there is a batch of extra footage on the band that they might not find anywhere else. Tyr is an interesting group from the Faroe Islands while Korpiklaani shows the world that even a flute or accordion player can find their way into a Metal group as they deliver some of the most rousing Folk Metal you will hear in a long time. If you enjoy Finntroll, then you will also appreciate Korpiklaani.

The live performances on the DVD feature Midnattsol (a band that features Liv Kristine’s sister), along with Enthroned and Saltatio Mortis. The wide variety of bands on the DVD make it something that you will enjoy watching from beginning to end, and perhaps even referring back to once in awhile. The best aspect for this would be it prompting you to look deeper into some of the bands, many who have reviews featured on this website.

A bonus audio CD that features music from additional bands such as Draconian, Summoning and Wig Wam among the others that are on the DVD portion round out the release and make it something truly worth picking up. The gates to new worlds await you inside the Realm Of Napalm Records. Isn’t it time you go exploring? I think it’s a good idea.

Band Listing:
1. Atrocity
2. Battlelore
3. Beseech
4. Darkwell
5. Elis
6. Hurtlocker
7. Korpiklaani
8. Lacrimas Profundere
9. Leaves Eyes
10. Sinamore
11. Tyr
12. Visions Of Atlantis
13. Enthroned
14. Saltatio Mortis
15. Midnattsol

Official Website: www.napalmrecords.com

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