“The Quiet Offspring” by Green Carnation

Artist: Green Carnation
Title: “The Quiet Offspring”
Label: The End Records
Release Date: 3/22/2005
Genre: Hard Rock/Progressive
Rating: 7/10

Green Carnation is an interesting band who when you begin to play their music will bring to mind a number of different Metal and Rock influences from across the gamut. Research into the band found me discovering that they seems to change their sound with each record and while that might not seem to be a smart thing it certainly allows for them to direct music at all levels of fans. It’s been written that a heavy amount of Progressive and Death has been done by Green Carnation yet on this album you will find none of this. Instead there is a level of Atmosphere in its Gothic Hard Rock and Roll with a couple of moments of speedy Metal riffs. Crafted well, this fourth album from the group might be their most effective since it has a larger scale of appeal in its overall style. “The Quiet Offspring” itself is a nice track with some interesting Purple-esque keyboard work that one does not always find in Metal bands. The use of this across the board might have led to the labeling of this as on the Gothic side. “Pile Of Doubt” races by like your classic 80’s Metal rocker while “When I Was You” comes off as something you might expect of Pink Floyd or The Gathering (it’s also the albums longest song at 7 minutes). Like I said, this was one diverse album with almost every track and this made listening to it something fun and interesting at the same time. The rocking is done early on and pretty much ends with track 9. We are then treated to moody and slower tracks as the album closes out. The piano work on “Childs Play Pt. 2” is excellent and just has such a quiet power to it. The end of this release will be a good lead in to their next album which is to be an all acoustic release. Readers who are finding this intriguing might be interested in knowing that the previous album “Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness” was one long 60 minutes song that was all Progressive and Progressive Metal.

The band is made up of 6 members whose lineup consists of Kenneth Silden (keyboards), Steen Roger Sordal (bass/guitars), Michael Krumins (guitars), Tommy Jackson (drums), Tchort (guitars), and Kjetil Nordhus (vocals). Given this was my introduction to this band I can offer readers of similar background that this band is good enough to investigate. They bring a level of difference to an ever changing yet sometimes stagnant Metal scene with their experiments. Fans of the genre can only offer up the support for those who choose to keep this music fresh in a time where there are forces that would silence it forever at hand. Find yourself some Green Carnation, and wear it proudly that you support intelligent Metal and Rock.

Track Listing:
1. The Quiet Offspring
2. Between The Gentle Small And The Standing Tall
3. Just When You Think Its Safe
4. A Place For Me
5. The Everlasting Moment
6. Purple Door Pitch Black
7. Child’s Play – Part I
8. Dead But Dreaming
9. Pile Of Doubt
10. When I Was You
11. Child’s Play – Part II

Official Website: www.GreenCarnation.no

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