“The Punisher: The Album” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “The Punisher” – The Album
Label: Wind-Up Records
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Alternative
Rating: 7/10

Wind-Up Records takes their next foray into the soundtrack from the next superhero adaptation to the big screen and with the music featured on “The Punisher” we get a good sampling of some of the best that is up and coming on this label. “Daredevil” was the first time that they gave this a shot and it did some chat-topping by launching the career of Evanescence. This band became the biggest Artist on the label outside of Creed. I venture to guess that due to “The Punisher” being a darker and edgier film that this was the reasoning for so much of the CD being on the heavier side. Artists such as Hatebreed and Damageplan are proof positive of this. While “Daredevil” gave us Evanescence; “The Punisher” instead gives us the newest work from Amy Lee who recorded her track with Seether, and Ben Moody who performs his very Evanescence like composition with Jason “Gong” Jones. These tracks make me wonder what the new Evanescence CD will be like as well as increase my curiosity into Moody’s solo effort.

There are a number of stand out tracks on this CD and among them “Broken”, “Eyes Wired Shut” and “The End Has Come” are indeed my favorites. They are finding regulation rotation in my changer. I don’t think this CD will offer the artists the same acclaim that it did for Evanescence as there is not much that is officially new rather than already existing on the bands individual releases. It does offer you a solid piece of music where you can enjoy a number of the heavier tracks from the Wind-Up Artist roster. In that I suggest you check it out.

Track Listing:
1. Drowning Pool – “Step Up”
2. Puddle Of Mudd – “Bleed”
3. Nickelback – “Slow Motion”
4. Queens Of The Stone Age – “Never Say Never”
5. Seether & Amy Lee – “Broken”
6. Smile Empty Soul – “Finding Myself”
7. Trapt – “Lost In A Portrait”
8. Chevelle – “Still Running”
9. Damageplan & Jerry Cantrelle – “Ashes To Ashes”
10. Seether – “Sold Me”
11. Edgewater – “Eyes Wired Shut”
12. Finger Eleven – “Slow Chemical”
13. Ben Moody/Jason Miller/Jason “Gong” Jones – “The End Has Come”
14. Strata – “Piece By Piece”
15. Hatebreed – “Bound To Violence”
16. Seven Wiser – “Sick”
17. Submersed – “Complicated”
18. Atomship – “Time For People”
19. Mark Collie – “In Time”

Official Website: www.WindUpRecords.com

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