The Perfects @ Piano’s NYC (7/9/2011)


Artist: The Perfects
Venue: Piano’s NYC (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 7/9/2011
Label: Interscope Records

Every once in awhile I like to adventure into worlds of music that are not entirely along the lines of my usual coverage because I find this keeps my musical mind strong, energized and in touch with the rich scene that exists around us. This particular adventure came about as a request of a friend in publicity whose clients were playing the intimate space called Piano’s NYC. I had been here once before earlier in the summer to catch a side project band of Brian Viglione’s and thought this to be a nice space to get a close up look at some up and coming groups. The band is called The Perfects and while they have a Rock core to their sound it is primarily ensconced in the New Wave & Electronic acts of the eighties and nineties. The group hails from Baltimore, Maryland and is fronted by singer Ric Peters and they were in NYC to celebrate their newest release “Many Nights”. Rounded out by Scott Griffiths who handles guitars and some synths along with drummer Paul von Kop, the trio delivers a much bigger sound than one might expect at first. The use of some programmed bass and additional keyboards give the band a lot more oomph on stage and while I am not sure if the eventual plan is to extend the lineup, the trio sure did make this all come to vivid life for the attending fans.

From beginning to end the show could have been viewed as a showcase of the new album because all ten of their performed tracks can be found on the soon to arrive “Many Nights” release. On these tunes they do wear some of their influences on their sleeves and you can find homage to the likes of The Cure or Duran Duran and even perhaps a little bit of Ultravox. For me this is never a bad thing as I always considered the New Wave giants of the time to be a guilty pleasure that I enjoyed during my own formative musician years. That made it a lot of fun for me to see a modern day band offering up some homage to a genre that really worked some magic during the early days of MTV. As the set progressed and the bodies in the room kept moving, I had to say that I found the band to be a lot heavier in the live sense than I did on the recordings that I enjoyed. In my humble opinion that is never a bad thing when you are a fan who wanders the fields of Hard Rock and Metal, but perhaps they should try sticking a little more true to their original format for the dedicated fans of this groove or risk losing them by confusing them. The pleasantries from Ric were simple and there was not a lot of banter from him to the audience. With gigs at Piano’s NYC you have only so much time so it’s best to let the music do the most talking. Among my favored numbers of the night would be the newest tune being pushed in “Girls That Dance” along with “End Of Us” which I like the most so far in their repertoire.

In any event I had a good time and wish the band well. They’ve started out on the proper path and have found their material in some of the current reality programs and the new single of “Girls That Dance” is getting some promising words around the net. The new album gets released in a couple of weeks and any fans that attend that show will be able to pick up a physical copy that features extended mixes as well. It’s very affordable in price as an online purchase as well so if this modern twist on a classic genre is up your alley I suggest you look into The Perfects when you get the next available chance.

Set List:
1. Because of You
2. Come Down
3. Party of Two
4. Girls that Dance
5. New Life
6. The Hidden
7. Revo
8. Christine
9. End of Us
10. Many Nights

One of my favorite tunes from the bands latest release is the song “The End Of Us” as I really enjoy the groove and vibe of the track.  Despite the atmosphere of Piano’s NYC being so very dark I shot the band doing this tune and you can enjoy it by clicking play below.  Comments of a topical nature are always welcome and by all means please do click around some of the other offerings on the Official YouTube Channel for; We’d love it if you could subscribe.

Here’s a shot of the guys after the gig.

The Perfects

Here is our good friend in publicity Miss Shukmei Wong.  Her WeRoqq PR firm currently handles all of the bands media interactions and happenings.

WeRoqq PR's Shukmei Wong

After the show was done, the room quickly changed into an almost dance club as a pair of deejays setup their Apple computers and iPods along with a light effects machine.

Sorry I could not get any better photos but the lights were all over the place and there were lasers also.  This seems to be a VERY dark space as well which doesn’t help. It was just a mention to showcase how quickly a NYC venue can become something else.  Everyone had fun tonight for sure.   Tomorrow it would be back to the Metal business as usual but I was sure glad to have taken the side turn and I encourage you to do the same every now and again.  Don’t be one of those folks who always say that nothing interesting is happening and never braving the true musical heartbeat of the city you live in.  You will thank me later I am sure. By the way, I hit this performance with the one and only Skeleton Pete and his thoughts on the evening can be enjoyed by clicking the LINK.

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