The Official Trailer for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Ultimate Edition Is Here

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By now if you were interested in the building of the DC Extended Universe you will have seen the Warner Brothers Film “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” and if that’s the case you were most likely on one of two sides of the fence about it. Some loved it and some hated it and then there were others who were smack dab in the middle about this second chapter in the DC Extended Universe. Now I don’t usually post trailers for home video releases but after the film opened they announced that an ultimate edition would be coming out and be rated “R” and have more than thirty minutes of unseen footage. The trailer below features some of those thirty minutes along with stuff you might have seen already on the big screen. Take a look.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’m going to hold off the larger opinion for the Blu-ray release that I will be adding to my stack of Movie Reviews but despite that stance I will admit that I felt and had expected this film to be a whole lot better than it was. Were there some exciting moments? Sure there were but there was also a whole lot of boring and unnecessary stuff that took away from the kind of superhero film that fans have deserved for so long. I’ve discussed this with fellow geeks at length and many of us feel that its going to be a long and hard road to “Justice League” at this point. Perhaps its not fair to bring up Marvel Studios in this but honestly they have been kicking butt with the films and the recent “Captain America: Civil War” film buried this one in the box office draw after only two weeks. As I pen this narrative, “BVS” has generated $871 million dollars and has been deemed a failure if you can believe that this much money means bupkus. What do you think of the trailer for the Ultimate Edition and will you be purchasing it? Let me know in the comments section below.

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