The New York Comic Con 2012 Is Coming Soon!!!

At the time that you are reading this post, it is only two weeks away…..  Can you believe it?  I know that it shocks me because it seemed like only yesterday that I was putting the final touches on the last chapter of my multiple part coverage of the 2011 New York Comic Con and that was one hell of an adventure to bring to you here on PiercingMetal Musings.  I’m especially excited because now that I have secured my Official Press Credentials to attend, I will be doing this for the third year in a row and I can hardly wait to see what is going to be in front of me over the course of those four days. Now I am wondering who is going to check it out this time from The Metal Republic?  Are you dressing up as anyone in particular?  Is there any one event that you are looking most forward to?  Well, whatever you will be doing just make sure that your calendar is clear on  October 14th through October 17th because that is when this year’s event will be taking over the Jacob Javits Center.

This year’s event proves to have some amazing guests which include Adam West and Burt Ward (the original sixties Batman series stars) and folks like Neal Adams and Robert Kirkman and many, many more. It’s  really too numerous to list actually but you can check out more via the link right below.  I decided to post this little two week to go blog posting to find out if any of our readers were going and to give a final reminder to those who still need to get tickets provided any full weekend passes remain.  If this is you then I suggest that you hurry because last year the full weekend passes sold out very quickly.   I would hate to know that despite our calendar of events having this listed well in advance that you somehow missed out by waiting until the last minute.   So get that overtime in now and save those coins because you are going to need them to spend on all the coolness that you will be finding at the Con this year.  I don’t have any insight as to how I will cover the event this year but I do think that I will mirror some of my past convention practices.  It was a blast sharing all of the costumed fans and fiends for you and while I always make note of the Metal t-shirts that I see around the convention, perhaps this time around I do a special feature to keep my postings different.  Only time will tell right?  See you then but now back to the regularly scheduled Metal programming.

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