The New Thunder Phase 2: Tony Harnell Returns To TNT!

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This news actually broke yesterday but since I wanted the “20 Years Reflection On Criss Oliva Passing” to get the attention it deserved, I waited until now to post this one. So here is the big Metal news for those who might not yet be aware. It seems as though singer Tony Harnell has reunited with TNT. He will once again join forces with blistering guitarist Ronnie LeTekro, drummer Diesel Dahl and their also returning bassist Sid Ringsby.


TNT were a band that really blew up in Europe and while they did some great opening and headlining spots here in the USA, I don’t think enough of the proper attention was given them. My two favorites from their catalog are the expected ones of “Knights Of The New Thunder” and “Tell No Tales” but I have to admit I didn’t keep up with them after those releases. Since the time and tide for Metal has changed dramatically in this part of the world I am very interested in seeing how a tour in this region might be received. I don’t have to tell you that just because a band that has been absent from an area for a number of years does not automatically mean the fans are going to come a running when shows are announced. I can name a bunch of shows that I thought were going to explode and well…..they didn’t. Of course a band like this one does have the chance to be on many of the underground mediums where the true fans still exist so I think it could work out fine. Only time will tell of course.

PiercingMetal Thoughts:
Now even though I enjoyed the band I never got to see them on the live stage ever. I know they opened up for the Stryper tour back in the original heyday but I didn’t see that tour and then the lineup that I was most interested in was done. I have seen singer Harnell a few times over the years and as a matter of fact the photo I used in this posting was taken from his solo set at B.B. King’s from 2012 (oddly enough he was opening for Stryper). That said I will surely be on point if and when the bands hits our Metal Metropolis and I wondered how excited or not you might be about this news. TNT was not really one of those bands that had a lot of activity in this neck of the woods during their heyday so part of me is curious about who would even care about this reunited lineup. Do please share with us in the comments section as its always great to hear from you.

Here’s a few must have’s from the TNT Collection while you wait anxiously for the announcement of tour dates.

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