The New England Metal & Hardcore Festival For 2014 Is Here!!!

It has finally arrived after months and months of reports on who was joining into the Metal fray for this year’s powerful event. It’s time to lace up those boots and prepare yourself for some traveling and skull-crushing Metal with the 2014 New England Metal & Hardcore Festival which will be happening over the course of the these next three days at the Worchester Palladium, in Worchester Massachusetts.

Logo - NEMF

Sadly, PiercingMetal will not be in attendance at this event but don’t feel too bad for me because I have a very busy schedule to keep right down here in our own Big Metal Apple. We hope that any of our readers who might be heading here are going to have a great time and that they come back with some stories to share about it when we see them in the field at other shows in our area. Take a look at this monstrous lineup though, it is surely one for the record books if you ask me.

Photo - NEMF Lineup 2014

While the event appears to be completely sold out, I know there are many of you that manage to get in to the shows despite this being the case so I wish you extra luck if you are the brave traveler. Now back to the task at hand, stay tuned for more Metal stuffs right here and on the core website. There is always something coming via our brand for your indulgence.  If you are attending this Festival, who are you most excited about with this year’s event?  Let us know in the comments as its always great to hear.

Official Website:

Oh yeah and since the long sign above is a little hard to decipher for those with computer strained eye sockets, I broke it all down for easier digestion below. You’re welcome m/

Photo - NEMF Lineup 2014 - A

Photo - NEMF Lineup 2014 - B

Photo - NEMF Lineup 2014 - C

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