The Music World Collectively Has The Blues; The Legendary B.B. King Has Died (5/14/2015)

It’s with great sadness that I share the news about the passing of the legendary Bluesman B.B. King who died last night in his home. It was just about two weeks ago when the musician announced that he was resting at his home and in hospice care at this time. King was 89 years old at the time and he would have reached his 90th in September. To say that he will be missed by musicians young and old in every corner of the globe is an understatement. He was a legendary figure among legendary figures and his inspiration remained strong up until the moment of his passing.

Photo - BB King

King was born Riley B. King in 1925 and according to research got his first guitar at about twelve years old. As a young man he sang in the churches Gospel choir and when he began learning to play the guitar would also play at those services. In 1949 he began his professional recording career and the rest was as they say….history. Though I’ve always enjoyed the music I heard from B.B. King I was never able to catch him in concert for one reason or another and that truly saddens me based on just how much impact he had on music in general. I’ve been a regular media patron of the club that bears his name in Times Square for more than twelve years of course but that is not the same. It’s clear that his spirit will be watching over countless performances in this space going forward. There’s far too much to line out about this man in a humble memorial such as this so I will defer you to his official Wikipedia entry where you can indulge deeper into his storied career over a cup of coffee with his music playing in the background on Spotify or whatever medium you are using to stream music. Goodnight Mr. King, you’ve done the music world so right for so long and we shall all miss you but your sounds will live on forever. Thank you and Rest In Peace. We send extended condolences to Mr. King’s family, friends and worldwide musical partners everywhere.

Official Wiki Entry:

Below is the poster that the B.B. King Blues Club venue had posted today. It was designed by Eric Hope, who is responsible for all the great visuals you see in our contests for this venue.

Memorial - BB King - 2015

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