The Metal Alliance 2013 Commenceth!

Are you excited about it? Are you even going? The tour starts in a couple of short days and its already sold out in some of the stops that it will be making. That news doesn’t really surprise me though.

Click Poster To Purchase Tickets (If You're Lucky)
Click Poster To Purchase Tickets (If You’re Lucky)

Unless you have been under a Rock for the last few months, this tour has been getting some serious advance praise based on the lineup that its assembled for this years run. Headlining the tour will be the one and only Anthrax who have been on a bit of an upward climb once again now that they’ve reunited with singer Joey Belladonna and released a critically acclaimed Metal CD “Worship Music”. Direct support will come from Exodus, and they’re always a ravenous beast on the stage if you asked my opinion on it. The tour will also feature High On Fire, Municipal Waste, Shadows Fall and Holy Grail. Whew, this one is going to cause some serious pain when it all comes down to it.  Oh and hey in case I didn’t mention this or you cannot read the poster above, the guys in Anthrax will be performing the entire “Among The Living” album across this tour.  That’s pretty cool right?

My plan is to attend the first night of the NYC pair of dates. I do know that the show is sold out but there is likely tickets open for the Sunday if you want to snag them. I will be at Paganfest that day so could not join into the fray twice.

Official Website:

Maybe your music library is still missing some of these bands latest releases. Just in case this is a fact, I’ve assembled some links for you to investigate and indulge in.

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