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The Marvel Cinematic Universe Will Expand :)

So the other day at SDCC they announced some of the upcoming Marvel superhero films that will continue to expand upon their shared cinematic universe and I will say that I am all for them if they continue the excellence that we found in Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Incredible Hulk and The Avengers. I downloaded the logos for each of them and will speak a little bit about the offerings and what I personally hope we can expect.

Iron Man 3: This will be the first of the films that follows after the blockbuster “The Avengers” and it makes sense to start again here since the first Iron Man film pretty much lined all of the rest up to be a quality adventure. It’s said that Iron Man will face his greatest challenge in this film and that the villain is The Mandarin. He’s Iron Man’s Lex Luthor in case you didn’t know and while Stark had some cool villains in the comics, there were none who were as deadly as The Mandarin. Perhaps they could have tossed us The Crimson Dynamo or The Titanium Man but then it was all armor against armor and we saw a lot of that in the first two films. I’ve always liked the premise of Spymaster, Ghost, Living Laser and M.O.D.O.K. but I am sure too many villains would not work either. Despite what some felt, I liked Iron Man 2 as a film even if I hated the way they gave us Whiplash.

Thor – The Dark World: I’m kind of happy that their not running with “2” as part of the title, and instead giving us a proper name for the film. My guess is that the second Thor will find more of the Asgardian realms being presented and less time on Earth. I’m okay with that since the character has such a diverse and interesting world around him. Science and magic, all working together for the forces of good and evil. Lots of room to play with here. Please no more Loki except in the background and give us Hela.

Captain America – The Winter Soldier: In the comics series, the Winter Soldier is Bucky who had apparently never really died all those years ago. I had been very behind in the title myself so was not aware of this right away and learned it not too long ago. Clearly the Bucky we met in the first Cap film will be the protagonist to the star-spangled Avenger who is still trying to get used to being a man out of time. Good luck Cap.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy: I really enjoyed “The Guardians Of The Galaxy” comic that was out in the 90’s but according to what I am reading about the potential movie, this will feature another group of alien warriors instead of the ones I grew up reading, or had read for that matter. This version has Star Lord who I never knew was a Guardian as much as a solo figure but my hope for this film is that it really brings the wonders of the Marvel Comics cosmos to larger life. We have amazing characters there such as Galactus, The Kree, The Skrulls, Captain Marvel and dare I think Adam Warlock fits in somewhere.

Ant-Man: While I had some reservations about the aforementioned “Guardians Of The Galaxy” film I am probably more concerned about the idea of an “Ant-Man” film. The character truly belonged in the first Avengers film in some fashion even if only as a quick glance. I am going to remain hopeful about this one as well because the character has some potential even if this ends up being a one off film for him. Now the question remains which Ant-Man will be have. Scott Lang, the newer one or Hank Pym, the original legendary character.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ll admit a bit of a surprise at the fact that there was not a second movie for the Incredible Hulk being listed because he was just done so right for “The Avengers” and it would be so enjoyable to get a lot more “Smash” in a longer feature. Whenever they get around to the next phase I would really like to hear that stuff from “Doctor Strange”, “Sub-Mariner” and perhaps even “The Inhumans” would be great. I keep hearing rumblings about “Black Panther” being a potential film but I would rather see him as a supporting featured hero at the moment. Marvel needs to explore the outer regions of its universe more and now is the time.

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