“The Lost Tracks Of Danzig” by Danzig

Artist: Danzig
Title: “Lost Tracks Of Danzig”
Label: 7/10/2007
Release Date: Evilive Records
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

Glen Danzig’s newest release will be half treasure hunt and half an incredible reminder of the singer’s earliest work and its all done with music that you have never heard before in your life. How did he accomplish this well the answer is quite simple because based on his rather prolific writing nature he was one of those performers who always had far more material than was needed on any particular album. Given the restrictions of time on each recording the singer would pick and choose that which he felt best fir the album and leave these other tracks to be used in some fashion on another day. They were by no means throwaway tracks which you will find clearly evident in excellent numbers like “Cold, Cold, Rain” and “Angel Of The Seventh Dawn” among many others. The tracks are for the most part on the raw side as no real re-mastering seems to have been done to them but that’s ok because better to have the music in this fashion as opposed to not having them at all. Without laboriously going over every single track I will say that there are more winners on this collection than losers. I loved the T-Rex cover of “Buick McKane” since it had such a solid groove going on, and I admit that I hated “White Devil Rise” based on the redundancy of the verse and chorus. Yes the subject matter is a tad risqué on that one and you can read it in the books liner notes but it didn’t do anything for me except for the slightly psychedelic section. There’s a tune that was written for Johnny Cash in “Come To Silver” which apparently the late legend was crazy about and there is even a rendition of the David Bowie number that was always a personal favorite of mine with “Cat People”. Danzig’s version is far different from that of the Thin White Duke. He experiments again into the psychedelic with “Crawl Across Your Killing Floor” and gets slightly Gothic Industrial for “Caught In My Eye” and all of them show that this is something that everyone who ever followed the singer at any point in his career should have in their collection.

The two CD’s are packaged in a book format case that features unseen photos and comprehensive liner notes about the tracks and the albums that were released around the time each song was written. The CD’s are presented chronologically according to album released so the earliest stuff is on the first disc. I admit that I leaned more to the first CD since I was most into Danzig’s music on his first solo efforts more than I ended up being in my later years. So far the reviews for this piece have been quite positive and after listening myself I can honestly see why. Danzig definitely showed the world how dark Metal could be and just how strong this darkness is when it comes down to it. Raise those horns high so Glenn can see ‘em Metal minions.

Track Listing:
1. Pain Is Like An Animal
2. When Death Had No Name
3. Angel Of The Seventh Dawn
4. You Should Be Dying
5. Cold, Cold Rain
6. Buick McKane
7. When Death Had No Name
8. Satan’s Crucifiction
9. The Mandrake’s Cry
10. Come To Silver (Acoustic)
11. Deep
12. Warlok
13. Lick The Blood Off My Hands
14. Crawl Across Your Killing Floor
15. I Know You Lie
16. Caught In My Eye
17. Cat People
18. Bound By Blood
19. Who Claims The Soulless
20. Maleficial
21. Soul Eater
22. Dying Seraph
23. Lady Lucifera
24. Under Belly Of The Beast
25. Unspeakable Shango Mix

Official Website: www.Danzig-verotik.com

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