“The Legend Live” by Dio

Artist: Dio
Title: “The Legend Live”
Label: IMV Blueline
Release Date: 12/28/2010
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

Sometimes just looking at the cover of a DVD release makes you pause and potentially bypass it because something just “doesn’t seem right” about it, and while this might have been the case with this particular product, I was glad that I decided to check it out. The film is called “Dio – The Legend Live” and right off the bat it seemed kind of odd as the cover displays Ronnie in very later life fronting the group Heaven And Hell as opposed to his own solo band. Let’s face it, the death of Ronnie James Dio found a number of releases hitting the shelves and there is no end in sight so some crap is bound to squeeze itself into the mix as well. However, while the cover was odd, the film that was featured inside was a way back step in time to the classic Metal 80’s where Ronnie and his band were performing live for Japanese television. They cite the year as being 1985 and the band was clearly on tour for the album “Sacred Heart” as there are a couple of tunes being presented from it with “Hungry For Heaven” and the title track. Historically speaking this was the album where my own focus on Ronnie’s solo work slowed down as I was lending my time to other bands but of course I still would listen to what came out when I could.

Since this was 1985 the band was on fire and absolutely killer at their delivery of the tunes from beginning to end. This was an era in the Dio history that still found guitarist Vivian Campbell among their number and he is complimented by bassist Jimmy Bain, drummer Vinny Appice and keyboardist Claude Schnell. The tunes are not delivered in any particular order of focus such as 1st album, 2nd album etc, and instead are swapped and switched which makes this an interesting viewing experience. We not only get three killers from his “Holy Diver” debut release but we also get a Rainbow track with “Long Live Rock & Roll” and a Black Sabbath number “Heaven & Hell”. There is a great level of energy being presented and the close-ups make you feel as though you happened to be in Japan at the time. Seeing this today made me smile and wonder if the Metal Godfather had any inkling about his ever working with those guys up until his death in middle 2010. Watching this just filled me with a renewed sense of Metal music appreciation and one cannot help but feel this way seeing Dio astound you with note after note in the very best of health. The only downside of this is the limitation of songs being left to seven. I am hard pressed to believe that the show didn’t feature any more, but I will take what I can get since this was a great presentation. The video footage is crystal clear and the audio is on point. There are no bonus features to speak of which would have been nice and there is no booklet with liner notes or additional photos. The loss of Dio was one that shall resonate across the Metal Republic for a very long time and I think that this is another worthy release to help us remember and to celebrate his life. We miss you Ronnie. The release comes care of IMV Blueline but is distributed by the fine folks at MVD Entertainment. They really have a lot of cool stuff out there so be sure to peruse their catalog. It helps you spend your money wisely.

Track Listing:
1. Hungry For Heaven
2. Holy Diver
3. Heaven And Hell
4. Sacred Heart
5. Long Live Rock and Roll
6. Rainbow In The Dark
7. Stand Up And Shout

Official Website: www.ronniejamesdio.com

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