“The Infinite Wonders Of Creation” by Luca Turilli

Artist: Luca Turilli
Title: “Infinite Wonders Of Creation”
Label: Magic Circle Music
Release Date: 6/6/2006
Genre: Operatic/Symphonic Rock
Rating: 2.5/5

Not only is guitarist Luca Turilli a shredder of some repute for the Mighty Rhapsody (now referred to as Rhapsody Of Fire), but he is also a stellar keyboardist. “Infinite Wonders Of Creation” is the musician’s third solo outing and is considered the end of his epic trilogy, which was begun with the album “King Of the Nordic Twilight” and continued into “Prophet Of The Last Eclipse”. I admit that I did not hear those other releases but saw some favorable copy on them which made me eager to absorb this one and sadly I cannot say that this impressed me all that much. There are no real similarities to Rhapsody on this release and perhaps this was done to keep his main band fresh and exciting yet I feel by not offering his fans technical displays of shredding thunder that he has cheated the same fans who might have forgiven some reference to the band. “IWOC” does have a lot of nice sounding music on it, but it is not truly heavy to any blistering extent. If you were a listener expecting supremely powerful metal then keep moving on this one. Joining Turilli on the recording would be the same performers that featured on the songs of his two previous efforts; Olaf Hayer (vocals), Sascha Paeth (bass), Robert Hunecke-Rizzo (drums) and Bridget Fogle (female vocalist). Collectively there is a tightness of the players and the operatic vocals by Ms. Fogle are amazing to listen to and perhaps could appeal to those who enjoy bands like Nightwish. They should be aware that the release does not hit you like a Nightwish record as far as delivery is concerned.

Turilli is also the primary focus of the provided booklet and that is to be expected since this is an extension of his solo work – and despite my misgivings on the album there are some fine moments to enjoy. I did like “Silver Moon” and “Mother Nature” as they have the most potential for remembrance on the album. The experimental and atmospheric Hard Rock release is better sampled before purchased because I feel that while it might appeal to some there are more that will feel let down by its contents.

Track Listing:
1. Secrets Of Forgotten Ages
2. Mother Nature
3. Angels Of The Winter Dawn
4. Altitudes
5. The Miracle Of Life
6. Silver Moon
7. Cosmic Revelation
8. Pyramids And Stargates
9. Mystic And Divine
10. The Infinite Wonders Of Creation

Official Web site: www.lucaturilli.eu

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