“The History Of Iron Maiden Pt. 1 The Early Days” by Iron Maiden

Artist: Iron Maiden
Title: “Part 1: The Early Days”
Label: Columbia Music Video
Release Date: 11/23/2004
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 9/10

With the release of “Part 1: The Early Days” DVD Iron Maiden has given the fans something very long overdue. The band has continually released live CD after one another and while most were good, it was definitely time for something different. The “Early Days” DVD certainly solves that quest for difference. As I watched, I began to figure how best to make comments on the piece and realized that the footage and features were even more than I could have hoped for. Iron Maiden clearly took the time to deliver the type of product that the fans have been clamoring for across the years. Loaded with not one but four vintage concerts (among them are two featuring Paul DiAnno on vocals) it makes it worthwhile from this alone. It also has some archive footage regarding early band television appearances from the time when the band was newly signed. The “Early Days” documentary piece alone runs 90 minutes and will offer a lot of historical perspective into this time in the bands life. Prior to this release the only place I had ever seen this type of footage were on bootlegs one might find at Metal conventions, and it is so great to see this on a quality and clean copy as opposed to grainy dubs on VHS. I am still electric from watching the “Live At The Rainbow” concert, as my Friend owned a copied copy of a copy. I remembered back about 15 years ago being huddled with the other metal head friends as we watched it on a small TV screen in a basement.

This double DVD set is clocked at over 5 hours and for the price I have seen it comes with the highest of recommendations. Given the amount of individual songs listed, I have omitted them from the review. Instead you need to check your Iron Maiden history and gauge that against the year listed. Trust me, as a fan for a long time I can only say that you will not be disappointed with this DVD. It’s my hope that a lot more bands will follow Iron Maidens lead and dig deep into their vaults to give us this kind of product. With the sale of music DVD being on the upswing this makes it a win-win situation for fan and artist alike.

1. Live At The Rainbow (12/1980)
2. Beast Over Hammersmith (3/1982)
3. Live At Dortmund (1983)

1. Iron Maiden: Early Years Documentary
2. 20th Century Box
3. TV Appearances (Top Of The Pops and Etc)
4. Live At The Ruskin (1980)
5. Video Promos
6. Photo Gallery

Official Website: www.ironmaiden.com

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