The Grammy Nominations Are In For “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance”

Huzzah!!! The nominees for the 2011 Grammy Awards are in and I can hardly say that I even care about it. I guess I take this position because the realm of “Popular Music” seems to escape me, and yet that is alright since it’s not what I dedicate the site or writing adventures to in the first place over here on PiercingMetal. Despite this being the case, I find many of the media resources who walk along the same road as I do often take the time to speak to their readers about their views on situations like this situation. With this in mind I would never neglect the Metal Republic that chooses to listen to my thoughts on something so “important” and how it applies to our genre and its demographic of fans. Here we go….

Oh wait, I want to make mention of this before I continue on. With the 2012 Awards ceremony there will no longer be a category for “Best Hard Rock Performance” and “Best Heavy Metal Performance” as the two have been combined into the single listing of “Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Performance”. I am sure that you agree that this is okay because the two genre distinctions are exactly the same. Right?

The nominees for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards in the category of “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance” are as follows: “On The Backs Of Angels” by Dream Theater [Roadrunner Records], “White Limo” by Foo Fighters [RCA Records/ Roswell Records], “Curl Of The Burl” by Mastodon [Reprise Records], “Public Enemy No. 1” by Megadeth [Roadrunner Records] and “Blood In My Eyes” by Sum 41 [Island]. You might view this as a very odd mixture of bands but let’s face it, the Grammy nomination committee has not struck me as all that sharp since the whole Metallica vs. Jethro Tull incident from many years ago. I listened to each tune and offer up my insight for what it is worth at the end of the day. Read on.

Dream Theater: “On The Backs Of Angels” from A Dramatic Turn Of Events [Roadrunner Records]: So much drama and soap opera level back and forth went on between this and the last Dream Theater album that I almost didn’t care about it coming out but here it is and what I have heard from it is strong no matter whose side of the fence you are on. Glad to find the band back to focus and delivering some tunes. The band is more Progressive Metal than anything else but we’ll never see a category for that so please don’t waste your time complaining. This is a solid tune from the band and one that will serve their fans well but was it the most stand out on the new release? I don’t think so. Grammy worthy? Not too sure yet. I still have four more tunes to hear.

Foo Fighters “White Limo” from Wasting Light [RCA Records/ Roswell Records]: I’ve only casually followed the rise of the Foo Fighters but they are generally a band that I enjoy listening to when I hear them. The tune is on the heavy side which is nice considering they tossed it into this category but I feel that the quirky video with Lemmy Kilmister (that Motorhead guy) makes it even a little bit better. IMHO it’s not as good a tune as the DT one that I just heard but I don’t think that will matter when it comes to the voting at the end of the day.

Mastodon “Curl Of The Burl” from The Hunter [Reprise Records]: I’ve said this before in recent reviews of their material that “everyone seems to love Mastodon now” and that is good for the ever morphing in musical output band. They deliver the goods and seem to work hard. “COTB” is a great tune and one that has gotten some love on the David Letterman show so that means a lot of people have enjoyed it in the live sense but is it Grammy material? I would like to think so but I would be shocked if it won. That being said be sure to check out Mastodon live as they are fantastic. Good luck guys.

Megadeth “Public Enemy No. 1” from Th1rt3en [Roadrunner Records]: Technically the only true Heavy Metal tune among the five nominees and while a solid tune from Mustaine and the boys, it did not catch me as much as their “Head Crusher” tune from 2010 which was also nominated. Perhaps this will be the year that surprises us all because like the saying goes “the tenth times the charm” right? That is a saying correct?

Sum 41 “Blood In My Eyes” from Screaming Bloody Murder [Island Records]: Really? Sum41 is still around? Well I guess that they are and have just fallen off my own personal Metal radar. Their tune is an odd choice for the nominations if you ask me and while it has some Metal overtones to it, it is too reminiscent of the Skate Punk vibe that we ended up with too much of. Very surprised they made the list. Was nothing better available for the choices? Guessing this committee never heard of Kamelot, Symphony X or Opeth.

Who Will Win? I will venture to guess that Megadeth gets overlooked once again which will be a shame if that happens but I totally want to see either them, Mastodon or Dream Theater walk away with it in that order. I kind of sense that Foo Fighters take it home which is not an entirely bad thing but not what I want to see happen (no offense Dave). Only time will tell. I want to close out by reiterating that the Grammy Awards mean nothing to me at the end of the day. I’m happy when a band or a song I like wins of course but their “acceptance” and “acknowledgement” does not upgrade or downgrade my own appreciation of Heavy Music. Keep ignoring it and we shall in turn keep ignoring you. Stay tuned for the post lauding those who won in these categories.

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3 thoughts on “The Grammy Nominations Are In For “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance””

  1. It’s interesting that the powers that be over in Grammy Land have so little regard for these styles that they just lump “Hard Rock” and “Heavy Metal” together. A band like Mastodon has very little in common with commercial pap like Sum 41 (IMO). Why not lump R & B and Rap under one umbrella? And why is there “Best Pop Vocal Album” AND “Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album?” Maybe someone can tell me the difference.

    These awards shows are nothing more than industry insiders patting themselves on the back anyway. As far as Metal goes, so many of the great bands, like my personal faves Pagan Altar, will always be cult or “underground”.

  2. Metal music or Awards just does not go together. I wouldn’t buy a horse or a house just because they won an Award and I would not buy music either. Does it make the band’s music sound better after they have won an award? I doubt it.

  3. As a fan of Hard Rock And Heavy Metal, The Grammy’s and their Awards Mean Nothing To Me. There is such a lack of respect from the music industry and such bias when it comes to Metal music. It’s a joke.

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