The Governor’s Ball 2016 Lineup Is Revealed

Regular readers know that I’ve been posting numerous touring runs here on the website and when time permits, I am also getting around to the occasional US based festival event. Sometimes you lucky ducks are even finding information about those European offerings across the pond to spark the Metal traveler in you. As a matter of fact I recently posted about the 2016 Hellfest and the Barcelona Rock Fest over the past few days which brings me to the massive musical event taking place in NYC on Randall’s Island. The call this The Governor’s Ball and the poster of the three-day event is below. I’ll return with some thoughts afterwards so check it out.

Poster - Governors Ball - 2016

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I have to be honest with you all that this is a whopping “0 f**ks” sort of event for me based on who is playing. Yeah there are some pretty awesome acts among the whole bunch but more than half of it makes me pine for the likes of the festivals that I just recently mentioned above. I don’t know if the US can ever expect the equivalent of the Wacken Open Air Festival or Tuska Open Air Festival since we haven’t seen one yet. Last year we saw the end of the Rockstar Mayhem festival and you tried and true Metalheads know that the Summer Slaughter is but the tip of the iceberg in terms of full on Metal offerings. I’m sure you’re shaking your head at this since we have also seen events like the Food Truck and Rock Carnival and the upcoming Rock’n Derby but I mean a full on Heavy Metal Festival with the kinds of acts that one only sees at Wacken. Not another festival being headlined by Five Finger Death Punch, Rob Zombie or Korn. Yeah we enjoy those bands for sure at the Metal Command HQ but having them command the night on so many of these gets tiresome. At least to me. That said, what do you readers think of The Governor’s Ball 2016 lineup and is this something you are going to attend even though there is barely any Metal represented. Let me know in the comments section.

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