“The Forgotten Goddess” by Echoes Of Eternity

Artist: Echoes Of Eternity
Title: “The Forgotten Goddess”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 2/20/2007
Genre: Symphonic Gothic Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

Effective immediately the United States is joining its European allies in presenting quality female-fronted Symphonic Power Metal with a secret weapon called Echoes Of Eternity. EOE is truly a WMD (weapon of musical destruction) that will make those who believe this stuff can only come from Finland, Norway or elsewhere check that opinion at the door. This is a super-powered musical force with the stunning Siren Francine Boucher upfront delivering the goods as if her destiny was at stake. Right off the bat the group proves that they are a little different from the existing roster of such bands based on the manner in which the music is delivered. There is a machine gun technical presence where the drumming is concerned and this is perhaps due to Kirk Carrison working in numerous Death Metal projects with guitarist Brandon Patton before they went with the idea of a female led enterprise. The bass work is held down fluidly by Duane Cowan. As I enjoyed EOE I would have to say that the role of “chick singer” is no longer something lamented by bands, as the genre of Melodic Death and Symphonic Operatic has truly taken over a large market share and audience demographic. This is apparent to any eye when one looks at the bands performing today – we have Epica, Tristania, Leaves Eyes and numerous others building a fan base that often staggers the imagination. Its bands like this that also inspires more women to explore this side of their musical talent for the future. On “The Forgotten Goddess”, the listener will find that EOE is a band that seems the master of quick patterns, odd time signature changes and a style that will definitely win over both the Progressive and Technical Metal fans. The blistering speeds at times and passionate melody at others show them worthy of not only sharing the stage with other bands of note but also the ability to run the show – they are not a clone of existing bands but yet a perfect newcomer to the party.

I felt that this was also a group that fans of Epica will quickly relate to as many similar speeds are approached on the EOE release. They will surely be impressing people everywhere with songs such as “Voices In A Dream” & “The Forgotten Goddess” (which appears to also be sung partially in French). Another favorite of mine was “Lost Beneath A Silent Sky” as it becomes the perfect closer for the ending credits music of “Adrift”. While I believe firmly that great musicians can come from any part of the world, it was truly excellent to find out that this band was from Los Angeles, California. The band was formed in September 2004 and as you see the recording deal was not long in coming for them. “TFG” is a fresh debut that’s both exciting and impressive with every track. I am sure that the lovely Francine will find that her photos are adorning the lockers of Metal heads everywhere – make some room for her.

Track Listing:
1. Burning With Life
2. Expressions Of Flesh
3. Voices In A Dream
4. Towers Of Silence
5. The Forgotten Goddess
6. The Kingdom Within
7. Circles In Stone
8. Garden Of The Gods
9. Lost Beneath A Silent Sky
10. Adrift

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/echoesofeternity

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