The First Trailer For “Alleluiah! The Devil’s Carnival” Is Here!

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I guess it’s been two years now since I attended the film screening for “The Devil’s Carnival” and this quirky musical presentation was quite interesting to be a part of. The short film was directed by Darren Lynn Bousman and starred Sean Patrick Flannery, Briana Evigan, Jessica Lowndes, Paul Sorvino, Emilie Autumn and Terrance Zdunich. It also featured Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch and now at long last the first trailer for the films sequel has arrived. Since I love getting trailers onto the site for our audio visual club side, let’s take a look below shall we.

PiercingMetal Thoughts:
This was a very cool trailer and since I have already witnessed the first feature can safely say that this one picks up where it left off and that is awesome. The characters look cool and there is just enough macabre goings on that make me want to see it as soon as possible. Since I don’t really know how many of you know what I am talking about here I will keep it brief. The bottom line is that its a sort of creepified Aesop’s Fable with God and the Devil and a cast of characters unlike you have ever seen before. Trust me. Of course I don’t think we shall be seeing this presented anywhere until sometime next year but you folks are a patient lot right? You’re not? Oh well, too bad about that because you have to wait anyway. Stay tuned to the website or our calendar for news about our own regional showings. You should be able to figure out what is happening near your town from those. Now back to the regularly scheduled Metal stuff. Tell me dear friends what do you think about the trailer for this feature? Let me know in the comments.

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