“The Feeding” by American Head Charge

Artist: American Head Charge
Title: “The Feeding”
Label: DRT Nitrus
Release Date: 2/15/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 7/10

When I first got the “Feeding” CD by American Head Charge I felt that I was listening to a band that was moving away from the nu-metal style and instead were employing a more industrialized groove that at times reminded me of Marilyn Manson or even Nine Inch Nails. I was brought to this conclusion by the way singer Martin Cock handled his vocals from soft subtlety and then to raging yells. The riffing of the guitar and mixing in of keyboards transform this from being a run of the mill band. Kicking you right in the face with this is “Loyalty” which is one of my fave tracks on the CD. It’s a great mix of Metal attitude and Melodic harmony. “Dirty” is another fierce number and a staple in the bands live performance. The band is definitely versatile and on tracks like “Ridicule” I was almost reminded of Faith No More at times in the track. The lineup for the recording is as follows: Martin Cock (vocals), H.C. Banks (bass), Bryan Ottoson (guitar), Chris Emery (drums) and Justin Fowler (keyboards) and a solid lineup it is. Friends for years the band first unleashed their brand of mayhem on the world with 2001’s “The War Of Art” and appeared on that same year’s Ozzfest.

So who should look into AHC? Pretty much anyone who enjoys a certain level of in-your face intelligent Metal that often defies the convention of their peers. There is very little to disappoint on the CD and after repeated listens and seeing them live I found myself enjoying the music a little bit more. The packaging is loaded with the lyrics and offer a little insight into the demons the band is often singing about. Sadly, the group suffered the loss of guitarist Bryan Ottoson while died will on tour with Mudvayne. Since that time the band has vowed to carry on in his name the way he would have wanted them to. Check out this very interesting group and try to catch a show if they come around your way.

Track Listing:
1. Loyalty
2. Pledge Allegiance
3. Dirty
4. Ridicule
5. Take What I’ve Taken
6. Leave Me Alone
7. Walk Away
8. Erratic
9. Fiend
10. Cowards
11. To Be Me

Official Web site: www.headcharge.com

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