“The Fall Of Ideals” by All That Remains

Artist: All That Remains
Title: “The Fall Of Ideals”
Label: Prosthetic Records
Release Date: 7/11/2006
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

I first caught All That Remains when the group opened up for Arch Enemy in late 2005, and I have to say that for a band that had escaped me for some reason until that night that I was glad to be able to correct the error of my ways. The group recently ended a string of successful touring spots and has just unleashed “The Fall Of Ideals” on an unsuspecting Metal world. It’s a killer release by the Massachusetts based “Metal core” labeled band, and it is so good and heavy that they actually transcend that aspect of the genre and should be referred to more as a Melodic Death Metal act. When I listened to the album for the first time I immediately thought along the lines of music that is found in bands like Scar Symmetry, Soilwork and Mercenary for those in need of an example. It is a great transition if you think about it, for there are too many Metal/Grind core bands around right now and most are less than stellar at what they do. Instead of bold experiment they simply choose to remain the same. As a listener, this makes them harder to differentiate and overall boring once you hear too much of the same old thing. Musically, All That Remains will show that they are not strictly a “core” level band either as each member of the band shows a level of musicality that will impress fans of heavy music and also those that lean more toward the Progressive end. It’s a change that the band has consciously aimed for; citing that “this is a new way to look at an old friend”. I truly believe that we need more friends like this in Metal. The use of melody should not make you think that there is no punch to them for opener “This Calling” begins with a double bass run that will knock your teeth out. Drummer Shannon Lucas should be complimented for his skills on the album.

The band is made up of Phil Labonte (vocals), Mike Martin (guitars), Oli Herbert (guitars), Shannon Lucas (drums) and Jeanne Sagan (bass). Labonte is known to many already, as he fronted the Metal band Shadows Fall before Brian Fair took the spot and progressed the band into their future. It was a side project with Oli Herbert but like many good things became something entirely different. While Labonte does the required growls to perfection, the standout part for his voice to me would be his strong melodic vocal input all over this album. It takes the material to a different level, because I feel many listeners are getting worn on the growling as the whole song. Thankfully there is an even mix in almost every track along with shredding that will peal the skin off your bones. I liked too much of the album to sit and denote track for track but a couple of more impressive ones were “It Dwells In Me” and “We Stand”. All That Remains is on a great path with this album and I think going forward I would like to see more of the melodic vocals and have the Black style compliment them instead of vice-versa. Its time for a new wave of American Metal to begin and All That Remains seems very ready to lead this charge.

Song Listing:
1. This Calling
2. Not Alone
3. It Dwells In Me
4. We Stand
5. Whispers (I Hear Your)
6. The Weak Willed
7. Six
8. Become The Catalyst
9. The Air That I Breathe
10. Empty Inside
11. Indictment

Official Web site: www.allthatremainsonline.com

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