“The Fall Of An Empire”by Fairyland

Artist: Fairyland
Title: “The Fall Of An Empire
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: 1/16/2007
Genre: Melodic Symphonic Metal
Rating: 4/5

If you enjoy the power and the majesty of The Mighty Rhapsody as they continue to take you to far away places with their brand of “Film Score Metal” and wonder if you can get by the time between releases from the band then have we got news for you. If your hunger for this brand of Metal grows and grows we proudly direct you to the powers of Fairyland who on their Napalm Records release “The Fall Of An Empire” clearly offer fans something just as wondrous. Hailing from France this is a new contender to that specialized genre which was a pleasant surprise as these days no one band should be able to secure a title all to their own when there is so much talent out there. Their whole CD sweeps with epic sounds and colors that enable the overall majesty on its grooves to take you to other worlds of adventure. Similar to what Rhapsody is prone to do there are a lot of peaks and valleys musically across the album as it will slow down to make a point and then return to some blistering display or mammoth chorus to drive the listener to their feet with fist raised high (“The Walls Of Laemnil” is particularly good for doing this to you). As you listen you will also notice that singer Max Leclercq bears an uncanny vocal resemblance to the late, great Freddie Mercury and I felt this brought a sense of familiarity to the album. During the song “The Awakening” he even had some of Freddie’s breathing styles that you would hear on some classic Queen music. I enjoyed being reminded of the singer and whether intentional or not, it is nice to find Metal players showing his influence. If you ever wanted to hear how Freddie might have sounded fronting a Metal band then look for that track to give yourself an idea. The band is comprised of Leclerqc (vocals), Anthony Parker (guitar), Piwee (drums), Philippe Giordana (keyboards) and Thomas Cesario (bass).

This is a band that is easily accessible to Power Metal fanatics as the musical techniques displayed are top-notch and technical. There are dizzying guitar riffs and drum patterns along with a rich sense of storytelling and detail across the album that made this an interesting listen for me. I sense that great adventures await us beyond the Gates of Fairyland. Anyone care to join in? You’d be foolish not to.

Track Listing:
1. Endgame
2. The Fall Of An Empire
3. Lost In The Dark Lands
4. Slaves Forlorn
5. The Awakening
6. Eldanie Uelle
7. Clanner Of The Light
8. To The Havenrod
9. The Walls Of Laemnil
10. Anmorkenta
11. In Duna
12. The Story Remains
13. Look Into Lost Years

Official Website: https://myspace.com/fairylandfantasia

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